A few holiday photos

I was a bit disappointed with how my Christmas photos turned out this year. I was so busy trying to help Kennedy and watch her excitement that I forgot to take a lot of photos! There are NONE of Jeff or I from our Christmas in Iowa! :) But here is Grandpa Doug in total HEAVEN with 2 of his granddaughters on his lap - Eva and Kennedy!
As promised....here are some photos of Kennedy on her 4 wheeler! She loves it - but still can't steer!
With this time off work I have gotten some great scrapping done! I finally finished Kennedy's lunch box album from last year's Christmas! Just a year late! I am working with my guest designer kit and have cranked out a card, an altered item and 3 layouts so far! But I can't show you yet! Yesterday I got my first kit from Imagine, Create, Scrap. It is Crate Paper - one of my favorites!

In other kind of fun scrap news, I am one of five artists featured on the Scrapbook Resume homepage! That was a fun surprise! I am loving their service and playing a lot with my resume. You can see it HERE! Also, we are totally revamping the Designer Diaries blog! You have to go check out the new look and subscribe to our updates! You will love all the changes we have in store for 2007!!!

And I will leave you with one of my latest layouts that I just love! Kennedy is wearing a dress that my Grandma Phyllis made for me when I was young! So it is an extra special layout to me!

Have a Happy New Year everyone! And stay safe!!!



We have had a wonderful holiday! We are still away from home and enjoying time with family. :) Kennedy totally got into opening gifts this time around! She would Ooooo and Aaaaah and WOW with each gift!!!! We only had 3 Christmas celebrations - so she had plenty of practice!!! She got a Barbie 4 wheeler from her Grandma & Grandpa Janke and is having a blast! But she hasn't mastered the art of steering yet!
Today my step sis, Abby, chopped off 10 inches of my hair! I am donating it to Locks of Love. I knew it would be short so I told her to just make it look good! And I think she did a super job - I love my new 'do!!!! I will have to share before and after pictures once we get home!
We are heading home tomorrow.... now the difficult part will be finding a place for all Kennedy's new goodies!!!!
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!!!!



We have the sickies again. Yuck. This is one thing I really hate about this time of year. The kids are school were dropping like flies last week. Now Jeff, Kennedy and I are sick. Kennedy has it the worst with a double ear infection and a horrible, nasty cough. She is so miserable. Poor thing. Hopefully we can all mend before the holidays.

On a better note, I was chosen to create for another design team! I am thrilled to join the fabulous team at Imagine, Create, Scrap! I know what their January kit is and let me tell you it is YUMMY!!!

I was also asked to be guest designer for January at a site soon to be announced! I am thrilled to be working with some papers I haven't used much and trying a new technique! Fun stuff!

A week ago my grandparents, my mother and her husband came for our Christmas get together. It was a lot of fun - time always goes by too quickly! Kennedy got to make her first set of sugar cookies! And she decorated them too! I must say it was the cutest thing!

And here she is being the cutest little Santa!!!! In a dress my grandmother sewed for me when I was little!

And this is a gift I made for my mother. I used lots of Fancy Pants goodies and had fun making it!


Well, I think Kennedy and I are on the mend! Her cough isn't so bad and I have some of my energy back! Finally!!! But they are forecasting snow later this week, a high of 70 Tuesday and a high of 29 Wednesday! So I hope the crazy weather doesn't affect us!

I also wanted everyone to know about a huge contest going on at www.jennalynne.com! Here is the direct text from the site:
We have an exciting contest going on at Jenna Lynne! It is contest to see who can bring the most friends to Jennalynne.com and the winner will receive this amazing gift (shown below) of goodies straight from Jenna. It is for members and design team members as well. Each referral person who comes to the site, registers, posts 2 things and gallery and 2 posts in message board will receive one FREE kit. The way that we will keep track of this, is for each referal you bring here and fulfills those requirements, you will email or pm me and you will receive 5 pts. The person with the most points Dec. 10 will receive that AMAZING gift basket!! People who come to the boards, after this is posted may also participate and bring friends, even if you are someone else's referral. So get those friends here, tell them about that FREE kit the will receieve. Lets have some fun!

So, if any of you are willing, I would love for you to register over there!! It really is a fun site and Jenna has such creativity! Just check out her project idea I completed this weekend!!

How fun is that?!

Also, our new inspiration at Designer Diaries is up! The topic is FASHION. I really don't consider myself one to have great fashion sense so I had to get a little out of the box! I just love this
design on one of my jackets.
So I scanned m jacket and loaded it in Adobe Photoshop. I cropped part of the design that I love and printed it out. (The brown scrolls) I then traced it onto the paper I was using in the layout. The orange scrolls on either side of the main photo are the end result!!! It was a fun new technique!



What a gorgeous day it was today! It reached 68 degrees and was sunny. Perfect! We went to the Lander's to eat with the family. Yum! Kennedy has had a cold and not been feeling well. But she was sweet as can be, patient and cute! She loved chasing the birds and squirrels outdoors! And playing with dad's cell phone!

I recently found out about a wonderful photo editing program and have had so much fun playing with my photos! What do you think?!

I have also had a chance to do some altering! I made a fun door hanger for Kennedy's room and am working on altering a cookie sheet! Too fun! Hope to share them soon!


Fun Scrappin' News!

I got some fun scrapping news last week! I had two layouts picked up by Paper Art magazine! I have never worked with that magazine so I am ecstatic! I also got 2nd place in a contest at http://www.createmykeepsake.com/ It was one of my favorite layouts!

The owner, Rebecca, was so generous in her prize pack! I got some delicious My Mind's Eye Bohemia papers with matching rub ons, die cuts, gems and overlays! And she also sent the Designing With 2007 calendar! Thanks again Rebecca!!

I also just have to share some recent photos of my darling girl! She did an amazing job trick or treating in the FREEZING weather!

Here she is just goofing around one afternoon eating her "nack!"

Here she is doing her favorite activity! READING!!!!!!! And a bilingual book to boot!

This photo was taken today and she was just being so adorable! The weather was amazing so we were able to play outdoors again!


Weekend of fun!!!!!!

This layout is the latest Designer Diaries Inspiration! The theme was "What If..." I adore this photo of Kennedy and will possibly scrap it again. I am really glad I had a chance to scrap those thoughts. I am in love with the My Mind's Eye Bohemia line I used here. YUM!

We had visitors this weekend and Kennedy (and all of us really) had a blast!

Friday night night we went to the circus with Grandpa Lou. Kennedy was only somewhat interested. She really enjoyed the lights and all the cool things they did. She liked some of the performers but got tired toward the end of the evening. We adults had a great time!

Saturday the guys went to the K-State/Iowa State game. So Grandma Lori, Kennedy and I hit the town! And had a blast!

Sunday we had a great time playing in the leaves, visiting the dog park and carving pumpkins! A VERY enjoyable weekend!


18 month photo shoot

It has been way too long since I updated! Oops! Earlier this month we had Kennedy's 18 month photos taken. They turned out amazingly well. I just wanted to share some of my favorites. :)
I love the outfit she is wearing! It came from Grandma and Grandpa Hunter. We didn't order any photos where you can see it, so I had to show you a shot of it! I love girlie clothes!

She did fairly well with the angel wings - bless her heart!

I have had a chance to do some scrapping finally! I am saving some on the off chance that I want to use them for my CK HOF entry. That is if I decide to enter at all! But I did a cute layout of my cousin Melanie's lil guy, Joe. It was from the Fourth of July parade!!!!

Jeff is in Puerto Rico for work this week! We are sure going to miss him! Isabel already notices he is gone and I think it will hit Kennedy tonight. So she and I are going to the Miles' to play tonight! Should be great fun!


Fun News!

Just a quick post today!!!! I am really loving the new hybrid scrapbooking so I am making my way around the digital scrapping world as well! Today I am the Featured Reader at http://everydaydigitalscrapbooking.blogspot.com Head on over to see my 2 Jenna Lynne layouts!

Julie Ann Shahin is SO super talented! I am so excited she thinks my work is good enough to feature on her blog!!!! So thanks Julie Ann for featuring me!


KC Pumpkin Patch

Kennedy turned 18 months this week. I know I always say it, but it is truly hard to imagine that time has gone by so quickly. She is in full toddler mode, though! These next 2 photos were taken on her birthday! Notice the sand in the diaper!

Today we went to KC Pumpkin Patch with Grandma Shelly and cousins Logan and Elijah. It is really similar to Howells that she visited last weekend!

There was a corn maze - and the kiddos had a blast running through it, trying to lose us!!!

We also pet some animals, climbed on hay bails, went down slides, got dirty, climbed on the pumpkins, rode a little train and played in the grass. It was a really fun morning!


Fall in Iowa....

So do you think Kennedy enjoyed her first convertible ride???? Actually the wind kept blowing in her eyes so it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been, but here in this photo she is screaming with joy as we went fast!!

Kennedy, Isabel the dog, and I went to Iowa for the weekend. Jeff stayed in Kansas City and went to 2 days of NASCAR races since he and his dad had free tickets!
Kennedy had many adventures while in Iowa! We went to Howell's and she had the BEST time! You can see her riding a small tractor around a track - while Randy pushed her! She climbed some pumpkins with Randy's help.
She played in a huge "sand" box of corn kernels! If that isn't Iowa I don't know what is! A hay bail maze was one of her favorite things! She ran and ran and ran through it! I love the photo I captured of her great grandparents watching her! Aren't they cute?!

Kennedy might have loved the animals most of all!!! Those goats get her all the time! But she also got to pet a rabbit which was a new experience!!
While in Des Moines I ran a 5k with Randy, Ryan and Lindsay. I hadn't ran since getting pregnant with Kennedy and I didn't train at all. So I was happy just to finish! Hopefully this will be the kick in the rear I need to get back into my running routine!
Another big event this weekend was Kennedy saying her first SENTENCES!!!! She said "You come too" "Where is Izzy" and "What you doing?" I was floored!! My baby girl is growing too fast!


Designer Diaries #3

Just need to share my journaling from Inspiration #3! If you haven't been over to Designer Diaries, you need to check it out! I love these gals and have really enjoying working with them!!! http://designerdiaries.blogspot.com

The title is...

"A Hidden Danger"

I have been an extremely healthy person most of my life. As has been the rest of my immediate family. Thankful for my health, I rarely gave it a much thought. My father & I have both suffered migraines our entire lives but still considered ourselves lucky. Little did I know we also had another similarity. One that was hidden. One we never knew was there. One that was very serious & very scary.

A week after Kennedy was born, April 2005, I got an early morning phone call from my step mom telling me my father was being rushed by ambulance to a hospital. She told me of the horrific night he had endured, how he seemed to be getting worse and worse until terrified, Jodie decided he needed to go to the hospital. But my father couldn’t move he was in such bad shape. Here is where she called 911 and my father waited for someone to help him. Being 3 hours away from my father and feeling completely isolated and helpless, I began to cry. This feeling of helplessness would continue for some time, as over the next few days I learned about my father and his condition. Apparently, my father had suffered a stroke.

Stroke is something I never gave much thought to that point. I thought it was just something that happened to the elderly. But I was so mistaken. My father, 53 years old at the time, was in the best shape he had been in years, running and working out daily. How did he have a stroke? What caused it? Why? Stroke has totally changed my life and I now know so much more about it than I wish I did.

It was excruciatingly painful to first hear my father on the phone. He hiccupped every 5 seconds non-stop for over 3 days. This did a real number on his vocal cords so he didn’t even sound like himself. It was terrifying. When I was first able to visit him, I was numb.

I watched him in therapy and I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. My father who months before was running 3 miles a day was now struggling to stand up straight without falling over and was barely able to take baby steps with a walker. He had to relearn everything; from feeding & bathing himself, to talking & walking. It was like looking in on another family’s life; it all seemed unreal.

Weeks later, I was home lifting up Kennedy after changing her diaper. I blacked out for a second and got an instant excruciating headache. When my vision cleared I realized some of it was gone. I tried to walk out of the room but was too dizzy so I handed Kennedy to Jeff. I climbed into bed to sleep off what I thought was a migraine. Those were actually 4 of the 5 warning signs of stroke, but I didn’t know the warning signs. A day later I still had vision loss so we visited the ER. For 3 months I visited doctor after doctor, had test after test, to try to determine was had happened to me. We eventually realized I had had a minor stroke caused by a blood clot entering my brain. I never knew that someone my age could even have a stroke.

So here my father and I are, 53 and 26 years old, both told we had strokes. Granted, my father’s was much more severe. Over the next few months we learned an enormous amount about our family medical history, stroke, migraine and a condition called arteriovenous malformation (or AVM). It turns out my father and I both have irregular veins in our lungs. Instead of depositing blood clots to our lungs to be dissolved, these veins runs right back into the heart. In both our cases this allowed a blood clot to pass through and enter our brains, causing our strokes. These malformations are not caused by lifestyle or age or ethnicity. They are simply gene abnormalities that cannot be cured. We both have now had surgery to plug the irregular veins to prevent any more strokes. However, we will continually monitor our lungs to watch for the growth of more irregular veins and abnormalities.

This hidden danger has plagued our family for generations. But now that we are aware of it and have a better understanding of it we can be on the offensive. It doesn’t have to be hidden anymore. And I hope our future generations do not have to suffer strokes to learn about it.
This photo still isn't the best, but you get the idea!


Louisburg Cider Mill

So, I did have a chance to create a layout last week. ONE. It was with the Heartina kit from Jenna Lynne. YUMMMY pinks!! For some reason I could not get a great photo of it. But alas, here it is:

Sunday, our family went to the Louisburg Cider Mill with the Miles' family and Grandma Rhodes. Everyone munched on donuts and fresh apple cider while the kids played in the pumpkins! It was a great time and I took WAY too many photos! And the ones below are just a sampling!!!!

Kennedy and Logan had a great time running in and out of the apple washing house. They did circles for quite some time1 Squealing the entire time!!