An altered project....

I finished an altered project that I just love! My assignment this month at PFD is to create things with triangles....what a challenge! But I managed to get some triangles on the cover! Ialtered a Rusty Pickle tag book. I saw the idea at my lss, so I can't take credit for it totally! But it will hold all the important dates we need to remember like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. :) It was really fun! I used Scenic Route goodies - I have always loved them! Scenic Route is the current Pub Calls Blog Manufacturer Challenge AND it was what I got to work with from PFD - perfect! So here it is: I was pretty excited about an email I got today as well! A week or two ago I sent a layout to Cherry Arte and inquired if they would be interested in using it in their gallery. I didn't hear anything back so I figured they just didn't like it. But I got word that they LOVED it and are putting it up soon! Very cool! I will have to post the link when it is up! What an honor that a manufacturer liked what I did with their product!!!


Father's Day

Last weekend my dad came in to visit us - it worked perfectly since it was Father's Day weekend! We took Kennedy to the playground, swimming and out to eat. He just ate her up and she adored him right back! Sunday was a special day at the zoo so we all went along with Jeff's dad. Jeff got some great shots of the animals. Kennedy wasn't particularly interested and took a good nap during the middle of the zoo!

Today I was able to do a little scrapping. I finished my last layout for Scrappinthebox and finished up my 4th of July stuff of The Scrapbook Page. Tomorrow I need to get a 2 pager done for Moments 2 Remember.


Scrapper's High!

Yippee!!!!! I submitted 11 layouts to Ready,Set,Create.com for their online magazine. They currently have calls out for about 6 categories that totally fit my style. Well, I got 11 emails from Jen! YUP! She took all 11 that I submitted!!! I am so surprised!!! It isn't gloss, but it is still recognition! Not all of them are Kennedy, either! One is of Isabel the dog, one is my nephew, Logan, and the other is of Jeff's graduation! It was a good news day for me!


A whole week!!!!

I have been SO bad at keeping up with this. I honestly thought it would be easy to stay on top of but I was so wrong!!!!

Last weekend my mother and her husband came for a visit. We took Kennedy to Deanna Rose Children's Farm. It is the BEST place for kids! All sorts of animals and exhibits! We have been twice this summer and she loves it!!! She really seems to enjoy animals!

<------ Meeting baby goats at Deanna Rose Children's Farm! We also had to go swimming! This is one of Kennedy's favorite summertime activities! She is just a little fish - and not scared of anything. She has a great time in the baby pool but LOVES to be pulled around in the big pool! She swims on her tummy and kicks her legs, loves to be thrown and bounced and enjoys watching the other kids play! --------------------------------->

This week we did the usual...lots of backyard play, lots of book reading, some shopping, a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes' house. I took her to the mall Tuesday and she rode the carousel for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it - she wasn't scared at all! She knew to hang on to the poll coming out of the horses neck! She loved looking around while going up and down! Today we went back to Leawood for the kiddie concert. She actually clapped along for the first song but then just wanted to explore again! This afternoon her Grandpa Lou, Auntie Kate and cousins Logan and Elijah came to go swimming with her.


It's done!

Well...I just sent my entry for the MME DT! Just in time! I am so glad to have it done! I love what I have created and I hope they do too!

Today Kennedy and I went to Leawood City Hall to a kid's outdoor concert. She was not interested in the music but was very interested in exploring! So we walked all around the grounds! I got a few good shots! She really loves plants and dirt - as you can see from her sitting in the ivy!!
I am not addicted to taking her photo, am I?!
She is just too darn cute!!!

Tonight Jeff had some more events for Corporate Challenge. Tuesday he ran the mile and tonight he had two more track events. Kennedy and I went along to watch and cheer him on! He ran the 800 and did a great job! He also did the long jump - which he had never done in his life!!! So I was very impressed that he jumped at all! I wouldn't have even know when to jump! I did get a shot of him jumping from quite a distance. So it is a little fuzzy, but cool anyway!

I did it!

Whew! Well, I finally took the plunge and started a "real" blog! Seems like everyone's doing it, huh? TIme I hop on the bandwagon! Thanks to my friend Dana for getting hers goin - she really gave me a kick in the pants to start mine!

So about me and right now....where to start? I am up late trying to finish my entries for the My Mind's Eye Design Team Call. Yet here I am. Starting my blog. Great. I reallly am almost done though. And positively tickled with the things I created! So while I will be let down if I don't make it, I honestly think these are some of my best work yet! Here is one of them.....
Gosh I love that photo of my dearest girl! And her puppy pal, too!