Toddler Adventures

So last post I was mentioning how Kennedy was growing too fast?? Well, she is definitely a toddler! And getting herself into mischief! I just have to share a few funny stories and photos. I know that in 10 years she is going to kill me, but I can't help but share!

So last week she was eating oatmeal while I was eating and reading the paper. I look up and she has oatmeal all over her hands and has preceded to put her hands on her head! Now, my first reaction is to say "No!" but she has this innocent little look on her face. She is totally just exploring texture and sensation, I just know it. I figure she is going to need a bath anyway so why not let her play? So she has a ball squishing the oatmeal between her fingers and then "washing" her hair with it! I took too many photos as usual and got a great laugh out of it!

Then yesterday she got into more mischief! I was sorting laundry and walk into the hall to this scene:

She has pulled all the toilet paper off the roll in the guest bathroom and strung it down the hall. All the while running and giggling with a huge smile! So I pick it up and start to load the washer. A few minutes later I walk into the guest bathroom and she has gotten a box of "feminine products"! I know she will die of embarassment later - but it is just too cute!


Growing too fast...

Lately I have really felt like Kennedy is growing too fast. She definitely looks and acts like a toddler now. How did that happen? I thought she would be my 'baby' much longer. Thank goodness she still loves to hug and cuddle. I honestly don't know what I will do when the day comes that she is too big to cuddle on momma's lap.

The other afternoon she was sitting in her little armchair (she loves it!) watching BooBah. A very weird show but I won't even go there! We gave her a little bowl with some dried blueberries and Cheerios. I sat down for a moment and watched her and my heart just sank for a second. She looked so grown up! She didn't need me to help her eat her snack or hold her bowl or keep her entertained. I don't know why it struck me so much at that moment, but it did. So being the scrapbooker I am, I had to take a photo of it.
And then on Friday I caught Kennedy being a "big" girl again! I was able to run and get my camera and snap a few shots before she noticed I was there! She had climbed onto my scrapping chair and was going through my yellow ribbon! Future Scrapper?? I sure hope so! Maybe she will be a ribbon addict like me! I hate to share this photo because you will see how super messy my scrap area is, but I have to show you all how cute she was. Just playing away with the ribbon! How young is too young to start scrapping?? ;)
Those of you that know Kennedy well know that her favorite toy is a book. ANY book. And she especially loves men to read her books. Even when we were in the emergency room a few weeks ago (yes, she is fine!) she grabbed her book out of the diaper bag. She handed it to the tech guy so he could read to her, to the guy in the waiting room that had a bandaged hand, to the male nurse....everyone! So when Great-Grandpa Henry came to visit he had to take his turn as well! I don't know how many books Grandpa read but it made Kennedy very happy!Being back at school with the kiddos this week has totally exhausted me. I haven't scrapped since Monday and it is killing me! I have all these ideas and designs floating in my head and need to get them down!!! So hopefully on my next post you will see some new work!


The Secret is Out!!!!

Well, yesterday we were given the go ahead to reveal our "secret toot"!!! We had fun at sb.com having guessing games with the ladies! So my big news is out! I was approached and asked to design for the super talented Jenna Lynne!!! You may know her for her Ooolala Girls and Bistro Boys! She has started creating digital scrapbook kits and debuted her new website yesterday!!! She is also taping for her upcoming tv show called "Creative Living with Jenna Lynne." It will debut Jan 2007 on PBS! How cool is that?! Jenna even made all the gals on the design team our very own Ooolala Girls!!!! Here is mine in a layout she challenged us to do about ourselves:

Because Jenna's kits are digital and I am really not into digital scrapbooking (yet!) I have started hybrid scrapbooking! I take her digi elements, print them out and scrap with them! Super fun!!!! Her kits are so gorgeous! Here is another favorite layout I did with her yummy stuff!

Feel free to hop on the website and come visit us!!! The design team is a super talented bunch! I am still pinching myself that I was asked to join such an amazing group!!! www.jennalynne.com Come on over and celebrate the new site with us!!!!


Almost time to reveal!!!

Ahhh....one of my big scrap news items is about to be revealed! Likely tomorrow or Monday. FINALLY!!! I can share the work I have been doing lately! Soon......

So I went back to work this week. After MANY years traveling from building to building and/or being on a cart and sharing rooms, I FINALLY GET MY OWN CLASSROOM!!!!!!!! YAHOO!! It even has 2 windows!!!! I do share it one hour, but I don't care! I get a room!! So I took a photo of it the first day back. Looks like it needs lots of work! I have been working really hard on it! When it is all done I will post a photo again so you can all see the transformation!

We are having a quiet weekend. Nothing exciting. Jeff is loving that football has begun! So he is watching his beloved Chiefs while I do a little scrapbooking! The heat is still oppressive....yuck. Just thought I would share a little photo of Kennedy eating sweetcorn. She loves the stuff!!


End of Summer

This last weekend Mom and Randy came to visit. Uncle Tom an Daniel also stayed on their way from Texas to Iowa. I was really bad about taking photos! But we all had a great time! Got some shopping in - I had gift cards to spend at Chicos and J Jill! And the grandparents got Kennedy 2 absolutely adorable outfits from Keedo!

Today was my last day home with Kennedy. It is back to work tomorrow. My summer is over. We really didn't do anything exciting - it is WAY too hot to play outside for long. We did lots of the norm: reading, cuddling, singing, etc. Tonight we went swimming...Kennedy is such a little fish. She didn't want anything to do with the baby pool today. We spent the entire time in the big pool even though it was packed and there was a lot of splashing!

I have my first project done with the fab guest designer kit from scrappingwithpaper. I altered a birdhouse...it was really fun! Mom said I should give them as gifts! :)

I am still bursting to tell you all about 2 BIG scrappy things going on....not much long though. I promise! I did get 2 cards and 3 layouts picked up for the next edition of Ready, Set, Create! :)


Catch up...

Of course I have been bad at keeping up. AGAIN. Life is hectic and I am not even back to work yet!

Last weekend we had a family reunion on Jeff's side in Colby, KS. It was nice to see all his family again and meet a few new members! Kennedy was a superb traveler (it was a 6 hour drive both ways). She also warmed up to everyone RIGHT away! She especially loved all the men! She would take on of her books, walk up to any man, hand them the book and try to sit on their lap! Pretty darn cute! Here is a photo of the group! For three days this week I am watching a friend's two kids. It has been a change to have three kids around but they are super sweet and fun! Today we went to a kid's event at the Gap at the Legends. There was face painting, a puppet show, give aways and music. Kennedy was really interested in about the first 5 minutes of the puppet show! I have been working on one of my "under wraps" scrappenings! And I have been having a great time. I absolutely CANNOT wait to share the news with all of you!! I am bursting!!! I also got an *awesome* guest DT kit from www.scrappingwithpaper.com. Very yummy and I have started an altered project with it! Hope to share it soon! Oh and my 11 pubs in Ready, Set, Create came out this week! It was really fun to see my work be recognized!!! And I think Kate was tickled that Logan was in it!

One last thing - thanks to all my pals that shared their thoughts on my SR entries!!! I am now having doubts about even sending it in even though it would be a DREAM! But anyway, the name I pulled out was..... ANNA!!!!!!! You will be getting some fun paper from me!!! Thanks again gals!