Growing too fast...

Lately I have really felt like Kennedy is growing too fast. She definitely looks and acts like a toddler now. How did that happen? I thought she would be my 'baby' much longer. Thank goodness she still loves to hug and cuddle. I honestly don't know what I will do when the day comes that she is too big to cuddle on momma's lap.

The other afternoon she was sitting in her little armchair (she loves it!) watching BooBah. A very weird show but I won't even go there! We gave her a little bowl with some dried blueberries and Cheerios. I sat down for a moment and watched her and my heart just sank for a second. She looked so grown up! She didn't need me to help her eat her snack or hold her bowl or keep her entertained. I don't know why it struck me so much at that moment, but it did. So being the scrapbooker I am, I had to take a photo of it.
And then on Friday I caught Kennedy being a "big" girl again! I was able to run and get my camera and snap a few shots before she noticed I was there! She had climbed onto my scrapping chair and was going through my yellow ribbon! Future Scrapper?? I sure hope so! Maybe she will be a ribbon addict like me! I hate to share this photo because you will see how super messy my scrap area is, but I have to show you all how cute she was. Just playing away with the ribbon! How young is too young to start scrapping?? ;)
Those of you that know Kennedy well know that her favorite toy is a book. ANY book. And she especially loves men to read her books. Even when we were in the emergency room a few weeks ago (yes, she is fine!) she grabbed her book out of the diaper bag. She handed it to the tech guy so he could read to her, to the guy in the waiting room that had a bandaged hand, to the male nurse....everyone! So when Great-Grandpa Henry came to visit he had to take his turn as well! I don't know how many books Grandpa read but it made Kennedy very happy!Being back at school with the kiddos this week has totally exhausted me. I haven't scrapped since Monday and it is killing me! I have all these ideas and designs floating in my head and need to get them down!!! So hopefully on my next post you will see some new work!


MichelleLanning said...

ahh Danielle -- i know 2 well how you feel. They grow at an amazing pace --I try to enjoy each moment!!!

Julie said...

Love those pics of Kennedy.She sure does look so grown up now.

Adrienne said...

Cute pictures!!

*k said...

how great are those pictures of kennedy?!

love it!!!!

(you are NEVEr too young!)