3 new words!

Kennedy and I are still having a blast together this summer!!! And she said 2 new words yesterday!!! We have beenblowing bubbles a lot lately and she said "Bubbles!" It is now a favorite word! She also can point to her nose when asked and say "Nose!"
While in Iowa, Ryan and Lindsay swore that Kennedy said "owl" when looking at a photo of an owl. I doubted it. But in our animal book, when we get to the page of the owl she says it!!! She even "Hooooo"ed for me once today. :) My smart girl!!
We are enjoying the break in the heat and spend LOTS of time outdoors!

And every once in a while we get a little overtired!!! But she is still darn cute, isn't she?!?

And as a side note......

I have 2 SUPER EXCITING scrap-enings happening!! Neither of which I can share as of yet! But I am bursting to tell someone!!!!! :) :)


Scenic Route Entries

I have been working on my entries for the Scenic Route DT. I will post them here and likely ask my scrapping friends for input!

Weekend Getaway

For Jeff's birthday I took him to a bed and breakfast this last weekend. We went to the small town of Pleasant Hill, Missouri and stayed at Mulberry Hill B&B. The owners truly pampered us! At night we went to their one block long downtown to see the Car Show. We also went to a local restaurant, Cutter's II. The waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a Newcastle beer and vinagrette dressing! "This is P-hill honey!" she said! Saturday we explored parts of the outskirts of KC. We also went to the Arboretum in Overland Park. It was really a nice time. Kennedy stayed with her grandparents and had a super time!


aka Bargain Hunter

Those that know me well know that I LOVE to get a bargain!!! And they have likely heard me talk about a second hand store in town that has excellent toys and clothes for kids. Well that store, The Children's Orchard, had their fall name brand sale last weekend. Essentially they put out their *best* fall clothes for the first time. This is my 3rd time to visit one of their events and let me tell you, it is a crazy time! You would think they were giving away items for free! A line forms outside the store an hour before it opens. Shoppers are warned about the "rules" of how to shop before the store opens! Women push and yell and get crazy trying to find the best deals!!! I got some good deals myself and just have to share them with my long distance family members!!

I got the following:
Gap jeans
2 jeans jackets (in 2 sizes!)
Jean overalls
Gymboree play outfit
Gymboree cord dress
Le Top outfit
Baby Lulu two piece set
2 Baby Lulu dresses
Florence Eisenmen dress
and a few toys!!!!


Journaling Challenge

At sb.com I participate in a getting published challenge. This week we are working on our journaling and we have been challenged to journal about the time we met our significant other. So here goes!!!

I had just graduated from college and moved from Iowa to Kansas City for my first teaching position in the Blue Valley Schools. I didn't know a soul in the city and had a rough first semester adjusting. To fill my time and make extra cash I was working at our school's sporting events. Being a high school wrestling fan (I am from Iowa, ok?!) I decided to work the wrestling tournaments. They are weekend tourneys that last from 5 - 12+ hours. I was learning how to be a scorekeeper. You have to watch the referees VERY carefully because their hand motions tell you the points while the wrestlers are wrestling. It was December and my first Friday night tournament. I was hoping I had learned enough and wouldn't screw up any points b/c it was an important tourney. Then I saw the referee assigned to my mat - WOW! He was a hottie for sure! He had these huge biceps that you could see were bulging from his black and white striped ref shirt. And those black referee pants were hugging his cute lil tush! I thought "Now I really have to concentrate or this hottie is gonna think I am an idiot!"
Well, we both noticed the other was a little interested and we flirted back and forth all night. He would talk to me a little in between matches but he had just recently lost most of his voice. So it was really scratchy and I had to do most of the talking - those of you that know me are aware I am not a great conversationalist and a little socially inept. One thing I clearly remember was him talking to another ref about how he had to run home quickly afterward so he could let his dog out. Crazy as it sounds, that was HUGE for me. I have always been a dog lover and knew that *the man* was going to have to be one too! We realized that we would both be working together at next weekend's but not any more...he rarely reffed for my school's league. After the tourney I looked for him and saw him getting into his car. He probably doesn't know this, but I followed him for a little while and then chickened out!

The next week we had a HUGE ice storm and school was cancelled for 4 days! I just kept thinking "If we don't have school Friday then the meet will be canceled and I will never see that hottie again!" I stressed and stressed and kept hoping I could go back to work (ironic, isn't it!) But luckily we did have school and we did work together again that night! We flirted more and more and the wrestling head coach at my school made sure Jeff worked my mat the ENTIRE tourney (referees usually move ftom mat to mat all day). During my break the coach even pulled me aside to make sure I knew Jeff's name and what an awesome guy he was! When he told me Jeff's last name was Holsapple my first thought was "Great, I will probably marry this guy now because he has a weirdo last name!" All day I tied to get up the nerve to ask him out for drinks but chickened out. After the meet I was kicking myself. So I was totally trying to waste time and stick around so I could catch a glimpse of him after he changed. I kept peeking around the corner down the hall where the men's locker room was. Well, I was peeking as he walked out and he totally saw me! I was so embarassed I hid behind the wall and thought "Gosh - just go for it...you'll never see him again if he says no." Little did I know, he had *accidentally* dropped his gym bag and was taking his time picking it up so I could catch up to him! We exchanged numbers and I went home just giddy!!! He called THE NEXT DAY and asked me out for that night! But I was babysitting for a sorority alumni. So we made a date for the next Tuesday.
He took me Macaroni Grill. I still remember we sat back in a corner and I was really cold. He complained about his food and we split a Tiramisu. Through talking we found we had SO much in common it almost freaked me out. After dinner we met his cousin at a bar to watch some live music. Being that Jeff barely had a voice, we stood in silence a lot at the concert! We grabbed lunch another day and then I went up to Iowa for winter break.....
After I came back in January we were together almost non-stop! The rest is history!


Back from vacation!!!!

It feels as if I have been gone for a VERY long time! I am wiped out from so much traveling! Kennedy and I went up to Iowa the last week in June to stay with my family in Des Moines. My mom and grandparents helped take care of Kennedy while I finished my comps! I can't believe I am FINALLY done with my Master's Degree. That was 3 very long years of studying!

Kennedy loved staying at Grandma's house that week! They got a sandpile and pool especially for her visit! And new toys for the house, too! She was in heaven with all the fun things and the attention! She got tons of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Grandpa Randy helped her learn to play the harmonica! And we took lots of walks down to the playground! I did some shopping with mom and got some great clothes for work. It was so nice to have another person there to help me pick out clothes!

After about 4 days, Jeff came up to Iowa and met us. We all 3 went up to Storm Lake next. We stayed for about 3.5 days at the lake house. Tons of family was there and it was a blast! Kennedy was in love with the lake and jumping off the dock!!! Having the water right out the back door was exciting for her! She got to meet her cousin Ben and play with her cousin Joe. She had her first snow cone and saw her first parade. She was very tired the night of the July 4th fireworks and wasn't too interested! She wanted to sleep instead! Kennedy even had her first boatride! But again, she was kind a tired and hardly even noticed we were on the water! It started to rain at the very end of the trip, too! So we made a tent with towels and all huddled under them!
I will update later with the REST of our trip!! :)