18 month photo shoot

It has been way too long since I updated! Oops! Earlier this month we had Kennedy's 18 month photos taken. They turned out amazingly well. I just wanted to share some of my favorites. :)
I love the outfit she is wearing! It came from Grandma and Grandpa Hunter. We didn't order any photos where you can see it, so I had to show you a shot of it! I love girlie clothes!

She did fairly well with the angel wings - bless her heart!

I have had a chance to do some scrapping finally! I am saving some on the off chance that I want to use them for my CK HOF entry. That is if I decide to enter at all! But I did a cute layout of my cousin Melanie's lil guy, Joe. It was from the Fourth of July parade!!!!

Jeff is in Puerto Rico for work this week! We are sure going to miss him! Isabel already notices he is gone and I think it will hit Kennedy tonight. So she and I are going to the Miles' to play tonight! Should be great fun!


Fun News!

Just a quick post today!!!! I am really loving the new hybrid scrapbooking so I am making my way around the digital scrapping world as well! Today I am the Featured Reader at http://everydaydigitalscrapbooking.blogspot.com Head on over to see my 2 Jenna Lynne layouts!

Julie Ann Shahin is SO super talented! I am so excited she thinks my work is good enough to feature on her blog!!!! So thanks Julie Ann for featuring me!


KC Pumpkin Patch

Kennedy turned 18 months this week. I know I always say it, but it is truly hard to imagine that time has gone by so quickly. She is in full toddler mode, though! These next 2 photos were taken on her birthday! Notice the sand in the diaper!

Today we went to KC Pumpkin Patch with Grandma Shelly and cousins Logan and Elijah. It is really similar to Howells that she visited last weekend!

There was a corn maze - and the kiddos had a blast running through it, trying to lose us!!!

We also pet some animals, climbed on hay bails, went down slides, got dirty, climbed on the pumpkins, rode a little train and played in the grass. It was a really fun morning!


Fall in Iowa....

So do you think Kennedy enjoyed her first convertible ride???? Actually the wind kept blowing in her eyes so it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been, but here in this photo she is screaming with joy as we went fast!!

Kennedy, Isabel the dog, and I went to Iowa for the weekend. Jeff stayed in Kansas City and went to 2 days of NASCAR races since he and his dad had free tickets!
Kennedy had many adventures while in Iowa! We went to Howell's and she had the BEST time! You can see her riding a small tractor around a track - while Randy pushed her! She climbed some pumpkins with Randy's help.
She played in a huge "sand" box of corn kernels! If that isn't Iowa I don't know what is! A hay bail maze was one of her favorite things! She ran and ran and ran through it! I love the photo I captured of her great grandparents watching her! Aren't they cute?!

Kennedy might have loved the animals most of all!!! Those goats get her all the time! But she also got to pet a rabbit which was a new experience!!
While in Des Moines I ran a 5k with Randy, Ryan and Lindsay. I hadn't ran since getting pregnant with Kennedy and I didn't train at all. So I was happy just to finish! Hopefully this will be the kick in the rear I need to get back into my running routine!
Another big event this weekend was Kennedy saying her first SENTENCES!!!! She said "You come too" "Where is Izzy" and "What you doing?" I was floored!! My baby girl is growing too fast!