Trip to Iowa and a Big Girl Bed!

So much has happened since the last time I posted!!! I will try to keep it brief!!!

Jeff went to Vegas with the boys! Had a great time! While he was gone we celebrated Kate's birthday and Kennedy decided she could climb out of her crib. Sneaky little thing!
Happy Birthday Kate!

Kennedy and I went to Iowa to visit the family and had a fun, but short, trip. We had planned to go sledding on Saturday but being from Kansas City, Kennedy didn't have the correct attire! So we shopped for snow pants and a snow appropriate jacket. Grandma said her fur coat just wouldn't do! ;) And while we were out shopping we picked up a play kitchen for Kennedy - just for good measure! We finally get what we need and get all bundled up to sled. Even Ryan and Lindsay come! We step out of the car and onto the hill and realize IT IS FREAKING FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!! As in burn your skin freezing! So Kennedy went down the hill twice and we left! But we still had great fun indoors the rest of the weekend! Kennedy even had breakfast in bed with Grandpa Randy on Sunday!

When we got home Sunday afteroon, we converted the crib to a toddler bed. I didn't want to take any more chances with our little dare devil!! Kennedy grabbed some tools and "helped!" She was quite intrigued with the new bed and figured out how to get out immediately!
Fix It Girl!
The first night in the big girl bed went fairly well. I laid on the floor next to her until she fell asleep. She got up at 2am and came into mom and dad's room. So we tried going back to bed. I laid down next to the bed until I thought she was asleep. No luck! So I picked her up and placed her back in bed. She hopped right back out! So we went thru that 4 more times! Finally at 3am she asked for milk, I got it, and she stayed in bed until Daddy woke her up this morning!

This afternoon she ran upstairs to "play" in her bed! She put her baby to bed many times and "practiced" going nite nite! She is quite proud of her big girl bed! :)
Just playing!

I got some quick scrapping done in Iowa - but you only get a peek! At least until it is featured at KitPeas!



We got some snow over the weekend and Kennedy had a blast! She loves to yell "Snow!" and wants to go "ahside" (outside) all the time! Saturday night we took her into the backyard to sled! We placed her in a sturdy laundry basket and pushed her down the small hill. She LOVED it!!! Too bad it was too dark for photos! But Sunday we all went out and built a snowman! Daddy threw snow balls at Kennedy and she thought it was sooo funny!!!

As for scrapping news, I am EXTREMELY THRILLED to be joining the teaching staff and Kansas City's BEST scrapbook store, The Scrapbook Page!!! I will start teaching in April and I am SOOOOO excited! Stop by and take a class or two!!!!

This is a layout I did for I am a Scrapaholic. It is Kennedy and her cousing Makenna in the back. I normally would not choose these 2 colors together, but I like how it turned out! And I love the technique of twirling my patterned paper to make curls!!!


New Stuff to Share!

Just posting some new things I have done lately!

This one is of course of my darling Kennedy! I used the January kit at I am a Scrapaholic! I loved the quote - it totally covered my feelings as a mom!!!

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world,
it knows no law, no pity, it dares all things & crushes down
remorselessly all that stands in its path." - agatha christie

This one is of our dog, Isabel. I used the January kit from Imagine, Create, Scrap and the sketch from Designer Diaries!

Speaking of Imagine, Create, Scrap, we are having a Cyber Crop this weekend! So stop on by, play some games and win some goodies!!!!

I am also very excited that I had one of my hybrid layouts chosen for publication in a brand new magazine "Scrapbook Dimensions." I am so excited to see it's debut!

And of course, the latest Kennedy photos! Here is a typical Kennedy look: Something spilled on our shirt, hair a total mess with the bow falling out (this time due to crawling under the chair repeatedly) , food remnants on our face and a big goofy smile! I LOVE TODDLERHOOD!!!! I honestly do!

Here she is enjoying the Sit n Spin! After we tired of spinning on it, we decided to stand on it and see if we could walk around it without falling down! Then we decided to use it as a chair and sit on the top!! Silly girl!

And finally, Kennedy and her best four legged friend, Isabel! They play together SO well! On this day Kennedy was running up and down the front hallway, squealing and giggling at who knows what! Isabel decided it looked fun so grabed her pheasant toy and ran up and down the hallway with her! Who needs fancy toys when you have a dog and a hallway?!?! :)


Winter Weather

I wanted to share an altered clock I made that I am so proud of! The bottom half is magnetic so I made some magnets to match!!

In other scrappy news, I was chosen to be the February Guest Designer at KitPeas.com I will be working with a kit from Cupcake Scrapshop.

Also, one of my cards was picked by Erin Lincoln of Creating Keepsakes magazine to be Page of the Day on their website! I was pretty surprised and flattered that Erin liked my work! (It was January 7th if you care to take a peak HERE!)

Winter is finally showing its face around here. But thank goodness it isn't as bad as some places! We have some ice with what looks like snow, but is really just frozen snow. Kennedy wanted to go out and play in it today. She fell on her rear so many times! But she just kept trucking along, eating her ice and throwing ice chunks at the dog!!
I hope you all are staying warm!!!!!


I found it!!!!!!!!!

Yippee!! I thought I had taken more photos than were in my camera! Then tonight I find another flash card with more holiday photos!!! And the VERY important one of Kennedy on Santa's lap! So get ready for the onslaught - I have to share a few with family!

Kennedy and her cousin Elijah
Aunt Kate and Cousin LoganCousin Elijah
Kennedy opening a gift!

And I ADORE this photo of Kennedy! She looks like such a little girl!!!

I went back to work yesterday. But the students don't come back until next Monday! So we have had inservice meetings. An easy way to transition back into work!

I have had a chance to do a bit of scrapping! I love this photo of Kennedy and my mom - partly because the day was so fun it brings back great memories. This was created with the delicious January kit at I am a Scrapaholic. Lynn packs her kits to the BRIM!
This next layout features photos from the same day! This layout was created with a sketch from Becky Fleck's Page Maps. Becky had a contest in December challenging scrappers to create layouts based on certain maps. My layout won this map! Becky sent me a HUGE assortment of Pink Martini goodies! So thank you to Becky AND Pink Martini. If you haven't seen Becky's Maps you have to check them out! She has new round ones that are amazing!
ONE LAST THING! The new inspiration is up at Designer Diaries!!! Our theme is "Top Ten with a Twist!" Be sure to sign up for email updates!!!!