The latest....

Busy, busy, busy week around here!!!! I taught my first class at the Scrapbook Page on Monday! I was very pleased with how it turned out and all the gals left with a complete explosion box!

Work is always crazy this time of year - cramming to get the curiculum covered while preparing for final exams! Some sad news was that one of my former students whom I had in class for two years got himself in big trouble on Monday. He brought a gun to school and is now in juvenile detention. My heart breaks that this kid made such a horrible choice and now will pay dearly for it.

I started Weight Watchers this week with some cyber girlfriends! I have been exercising again and it feels great!! Wish us luck!

I was able to get one scrapbook page done this week! I used Dana's sketch for the Designer Diaries blog and lots of yummy Fancy Pants paper and chipboard. I also hand stitched the entire title - which took me longer than I care to share!!! Bunny Eggs are what Kennedy calls Easter Eggs! The layout is too lumpy to scan so I apologize for the not-so-hot photos of this one!
This weekend's weather has been PHENOMENAL!!!! Today we went to the Dog Park! It is always so much fun! You can see Kennedy trying to touch our dog Isabel after she went for a swim in the lake!

I also get the award this week for World's Luckiest Mom. I am *very* lucky I didn't burn our house down! I had a candle going on our kitchen countertop. Ya know, one of those Yankee type candles that are in a glass jar and smell so yummy? Well, while I was upstairs bathing Kennedy it somehow burned itself out, but also burned through/cracked the glass container, melted the countertop and started burning the wood under the counter!!! How in the world that happened I have no idea. But here is the proof!The spot is about the size of Jeff's fist to give you an idea.
Needless to say we will be getting new countertops soon!!!!

That's all for now! Feel free to leave me a note hello everyone! :)


Photos to Share!

Sunday was Grandma Shelly's birthday! So we had a fun little breakfast get together! I was able to grab some good shots of little Elijah and I just wanted to share them!!! :)

And I don't think I ever shared my latest scrappy news! I had another layout picked up by Scrapbook Dimensions! It was a Jenna Lynne hybrid layout and will be used in some "new" project the magazine has going on! Yippee!


Dade, a picnic and plants!!

We have been very busy having fun the last few days!!! So much to share and so little time! So I will make this brief and post again soon!

Our daycare provider, Debbie, has a son, Dade, who is a little person. He recently had to have surgery on both his legs. They were becoming very bowed so the doctors broke them and reset them straight. So Dade, a 6th grader, has been in double casts. He has been such a great sport about it all! Dade (and the entire family!) is a huge KU fan (notice the red and blue casts!). So Jeff worked out a surprise meeting for Dade just to let him know that we think he is one amazing young man! Dade thought Jeff was taking him out for dinner. Little did he know that he was also meeting 6 members of the KU basketball team! It was a huge surprise and they all had a blast!!!

Friday afternoon we went to Shawnee Mission Park for a picnic dinner! Kennedy was much more interested in playing than eating! While Jeff and I ate, Kennedy danced around with the table cloth singing "Skip to My Lou!" repeatedly! Then we played forever at the playground and went for a long hike! It was great fun!
Earlier in the week Kennedy and I went to pick out some flowers for the deck. She helped me choose the colors and types and helped me carry them around the store! When we got home she helped repot some - gosh this girl loves dirt!!!! And of course the best part of all was watering them! She got to use her brand new Princess watering can that she got for her birthday from Grandma Shelly! We had such fun watering the plants that we then had to water the bushes, the grass, the sidewalk, our feet....... :)
Tomorrow I will be teaching my first class at the Scrapbook Page! Wish me luck!!!


Backyard Adventure!

Isn't that lil guy cute?! While working in the backyard today I discovered this little tree frog sitting on our fence! It is the cutest thing!! Kennedy was quite taken with it!! She got her magnifying glass to get a closer look with Dad!!!

She was so brave! She wanted so badly to touch it so Daddy placed the frog on her hand. It climbed up her arm and across her back and she loved it! We followed it around the yard for nearly half an hour!
We sure hope it hangs around our yard all Spring and Summer!

Saturday Daddy andKennedy went to a birthday party for lil Sophia who turned one! There was a clown and lots of fun safari gear and goodies! I was so sorry I had to miss it! I was working a Make n Take at The Scrapbook Page. It was great fun! I was able to work on some layouts for an upcoming Summer class I will be teaching there. I am using a new line from Heidi Grace. My friend Michelle has been raving about all the Heidi Grace items and we finally got them in at The Page! Oh, they are delicious! I am very excited about this upcoming class! :)

Also, while talking to my mom this weekend, she mentioned how much she loved the picture of Kennedy below. It was taken by her amazing daycare provider, Debbie. Mom thinks that Kennedy looks SOOOO much like I did at her age!
So... I decided to look for some photos of me from that age. Turns out I don't have very many. But I scanned two below. Let me know what you think! Do we look alike? :)

Hope you all have a great week! And I hope that those of you getting snow begin to thaw out soon!!!!


Birthday Fun and the Easter Bunny!!!!

Busy, busy weekend!! Kennedy turned 2 last week so we had a big party this weekend! My family came down from Iowa and lots of friends came over! The kiddos had an Easter egg hunt and got TONS of candy!!! Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed eating her cake (that she picked out!) and opening her gifts! I think Aunt Kate may have given her what became her favorite gift! A new babydoll and a doll stroller!!! She also loved a game from Grandma and Grandpa Hunter called Elefun! I am suggesting it to all my friends who have toddlers!!! It was a great day!!!!!

Sunday we headed to church! Kennedy was so good during the service! We all came back home and Lindsay (my sister in law) and I made eggs, french toast and pancakes! Kennedy had another Easter Egg hunt! And Roxie the dog wanted in on the goods!!!!

I have to thank my friend, Michelle, for inspiring me to try a collage in Photoshop! I loved the one of her girl, Alyson so I really wanted to try! It wasn't as hard as I thought!! Thanks Michelle!

And this is my layout for the Designer Diaries blog! I am really pleased with how it turned out! I just love these photos of her! AND I love the Scenic Route yummies that I got from MaryCroppins.com!!!


Bunny Eggs

Before I forget, I wanted to take a moment to write down some funny things that Kennedy is currently saying!
  • I like it! Water! I like it! Diggers! (I like it followed by whatever she likes!!!)
  • Mommy - I honey? (I call her my honey so she wants to make sure she is still my honey!)
  • I two! (holding up 2 fingers, usually!)
  • Woo-woo!! (calling Isabel the dog)
  • Aaahh boawd! Choo Choo! Chugga Chugga! (she breaks into this all the time, whether a train is near or not!)
  • Mommy - I guh girl? (Am I a good girl?!)
  • I yuh you! (I love you!)
  • sauce sauce (applesauce)
And here are some photos from this weekend's Easter Egg Hunt!!!! She is still talking about bunny eggs!!!!!
And here is my latest....using the YUMMY Scenic Route from MaryCroppins!