The latest....

Busy, busy, busy week around here!!!! I taught my first class at the Scrapbook Page on Monday! I was very pleased with how it turned out and all the gals left with a complete explosion box!

Work is always crazy this time of year - cramming to get the curiculum covered while preparing for final exams! Some sad news was that one of my former students whom I had in class for two years got himself in big trouble on Monday. He brought a gun to school and is now in juvenile detention. My heart breaks that this kid made such a horrible choice and now will pay dearly for it.

I started Weight Watchers this week with some cyber girlfriends! I have been exercising again and it feels great!! Wish us luck!

I was able to get one scrapbook page done this week! I used Dana's sketch for the Designer Diaries blog and lots of yummy Fancy Pants paper and chipboard. I also hand stitched the entire title - which took me longer than I care to share!!! Bunny Eggs are what Kennedy calls Easter Eggs! The layout is too lumpy to scan so I apologize for the not-so-hot photos of this one!
This weekend's weather has been PHENOMENAL!!!! Today we went to the Dog Park! It is always so much fun! You can see Kennedy trying to touch our dog Isabel after she went for a swim in the lake!

I also get the award this week for World's Luckiest Mom. I am *very* lucky I didn't burn our house down! I had a candle going on our kitchen countertop. Ya know, one of those Yankee type candles that are in a glass jar and smell so yummy? Well, while I was upstairs bathing Kennedy it somehow burned itself out, but also burned through/cracked the glass container, melted the countertop and started burning the wood under the counter!!! How in the world that happened I have no idea. But here is the proof!The spot is about the size of Jeff's fist to give you an idea.
Needless to say we will be getting new countertops soon!!!!

That's all for now! Feel free to leave me a note hello everyone! :)


Julie said...

Love the pages and the pics Danielle. That was a close call with the candle.

MichelleLanning said...

OMG Danielle - that is pretty bad --wasn't imagining that - whew - lucky girl! I LUV your layout -- just awesome eye candy! And ms Kenna looks so cute -- love the pics!

scrappy77 said...

Love this lo, it's beautiful! WOW I can't believe what that candle did, you are lucky!!! Have a great week! ~Monica

Charley Madden said...

Wow on the candle!!!! You are a lucky mommy!!! Love the layout....soooo beautiful. Love the park pics...we went to the park too....Great blog!!!

scrapnnMO said...

Wowzer what a stunning work of art D! I love how you did your title and all hand stitched, AWESOME job well done! Love it!
~Dawn (aka jusmakncoffee)