Just stuff....

We've been busy of course! Last week Kennedy had a fun time riding behind the bike with our neighbor Issac - or Isen as she calls him!!!

Last week Jeff worked so hard on our house. He tore the stone off our garage and the siding off the entry to the house. Our friend Jason owns a faux stone company called Canyon Stone. They put up new stone for us and it looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!

Here is the BEFORE:and the AFTER:
Kennedy and I went to Iowa for a super fast trip. My brother and his wife just purchased a 6.2 acre equestrian estate lot!!!! I am so pumped for them! So we had to go take a look at it! Here they are in front of their lot - aren't they cute!?!?!
We also went to the Farmer's Market - it was HUGE! THOUSANDS of people! There were many firetrucks, police horses, National Guardsmen, etc out and open for the public to visit. Kennedy had fun trying on some firefighter's boots! She also rode the tricycle at Grandma's house and did a pretty darn good job of it! Looks like we need to get her tricycle out here at home!
It is the last week of school here - so lots of final exams and grading! This school year honestly flew by and I still can't believe I have only 3 days of work left!!!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Dusty and Lillian's 60th wedding anniversary! 60 years is quite an accomplishment, don't you think?! We had a fabulous time celebrating and Chris and Christa's home in Leawood. The weather was perfect so we were able to spend the evening out doors! Above is the card I gave them - one of my favorites to date!

Below is Kennedy playing "This lil piggy" with Dusty, watching bugs on the patio, and Logan playing with the balloons....
Kennedy was all about posing for the camera! And Elijah had fun playing with the balloons, too!
Today I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got breakfast in bed! We all went shopping afterward and Jeff and I got our Mother's and Father's Day gifts....new cell phones! We got the UPSTAGE! I am SOOOO excited! It is so fancy - I am sure it will take me forever to figure it out! But I can play music on it, watch videos and live television, plus talk on it of course!
After picking out my gift I went to The Scrapbook Page to work on my classes for July-October. I finished my summer layouts using this yummy Heidi Grace paper!

And, I started working on the "Toddler Speak" mini album that will use the Bind It All and some fun stuff using The Revolution! I am loving both of these tools!

Hope you all had wonderful Mother's Days!!!!!


Little Tikes Dream!

It's here! Grandpa Jim and Daddy picked up the new playset and brought it home tonight! Kennedy was in heaven! :) Be prepared for photo overload!
Jeff's friend was going to throw away the Radio Flyer tricycle below b/c the rear wheel had been run over. So Jeff took it, ordered a new wheel, and it is good as new! Kennedy is a tad too short for it right now, but she still loved it and kept saying "Its MY bike!"
And.....Jeff and I both ordered new running shoes. And mine came today!!!! So now I have a really good reason to get back into running! I can't wait to try them out this weekend! There is nothing like a new pair of shoes!


Garage Sale Season Has Begun!!!!

Anyone who knows me well know that I love a good bargain! And where else can you find amazing bargains but Garage Sales!?!?! Since Kennedy was born I have become a PRO at hitting the right sales! I go through the classifieds the night before and have a "map" of where we are going! This weekend was great but next weekend will be even better! It is our home associations garage sale and it is HUGE!!!

This weekend all three of us hit the sales and Kennedy and Daddy got some goodies! Kennedy got some Disney princess dress up outfits and some play jewelry! She would put every piece on, say "I pretty?!" and then take every piece off. And repeat it! We also found an outdoor, Fisher Price basketball hoop and we only paid $3!!!! It is still a tad bit tall for Kennedy, but if she stands on the deck stairs she can reach!! Jeff found a power washer and only paid $10 for it! But it has rained so much he hasn't been able to try it out! But the best buy was a Little Tikes backyard playground for Kennedy! It is in excellent condition! It has tunnels, a look out area and 2 slides! We haven't been able to pick it up yet due to the rain, but I will show you all a photo when we get it! We were also able to hit the park which is ALWAYS a huge hit!
While at the park, I asked her if she could sit on the rocks so I could get her picture. She said "Yes!" and here is the shot I got!!! And no, I didn't pose her - she came up with this herself!Saturday night our neighboor had her high school graduation party. We had a lot of fun chatting with the neighbors and enjoying the outdoors! Kennedy was able to "jump" on the trampoline with the big kids! She thought she was hot stuff!

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day. After Kennedy went down for the night I was able to make a card and write out the journaling to one layout. I hope all my scrappy friends had a day filled with ink, glue and Bazzill!!!

I also want to take a moment to jot down a few cute things Kennedy has said and done this weekend!
  • When she needs her diaper changed she used to say "I stinky " This weekend it turned into "I stinky winky!" Hmmm....could this mean she is ready for potty training?! ;)
  • When asking her usual questions of "I honey, Mommy?" "I good guhl, Mommy?" she decided to throw in "Mommy, I smart?"
  • While in the check out line at the grocery store she decided to belt out at the top of her lungs The Wiggles song "Fruit Salad!"
  • She was very interested in the baking and helped with lots of stirring. And sometimes we would blurt out "Bate, bate, chocolate!" from Dora the Explorer!
  • Friday night she ate two entire pieces of corn on the cob. She is a true Midwestern girl!
And finally, today at daycare Kennedy ran into the corner of a table. She got her first black eye! I am honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner! She is a TOTAL dare devil!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!


Deanna Rose Children's Farm

A little over a week ago we went to Deanna Rose Children's Farm. I have been meaning to share the photos but just finally got around to it! Kennedy had a blast and is not afraid of ANY animal whatsoever!!! I think we will be making many trips there this summer!
Nothing else too exciting here. Here is a little recap of my last few days:
  • I called the cops yesterday on some guy who was driving next to me drinking a beer. They had me follow him until they pulled him over! {Citizen's arrest!!!!!} I just will not tolerate people who drive under the influence.
  • Kennedy got locked in the van yesterday with the keys inside. While picking her up from daycare, she and Jada were playing in the front seats pretending to drive while Debbie and I chatted. They must have hit the lock button on the doors. So we got ready to leave, I strapped Kennedy into her seat, closed the door and walked to the driver's door. Locked. My heart dropped and I almost panicked and freaked. But thank goodness my father-in-law is a locksmith! He was there in a flash to free Kennedy! I was more traumatized than Kennedy - she never knew anything was wrong!
  • Not being a morning person AT ALL it was all the more astonishing that I was able to get up before work and go walking!!!! I am so proud of myself!
  • While eating dinner on the deck this evening, Kennedy was making note of all the birds flying around. Then, out of nowhere, she made a pouty face and said "Shut up!" I almost fell out of my chair!!! I wanted to laugh but held it in and told her we didn't talk like that. Not 2 minutes later she commented on the noisy birds and told them to "shut up!" again! I think she must have picked this fun little phrase up from daycare because we really watch what we say around her! Either way, the look on her face and her seriousness were totally priceless!

Also thought I would share some silly photos of Kennedy playing in the yard. She loves to be clothesless, which is really too bad considering the ungodly amount of cute clothing her mother has gotten her! ;) She was having great fun throwing the basketball over the edge of the deck and then running all the way around to go get it. For those of you that haven't seen our back yard, she had to run pretty far!
Have a great day friends!