Childhood photo challenge - CC needed!!!!

So this week we are challenged to take photos of childhood. I took the camera to the pool to get some shots of the pool itself. Those weren't so great. So I will share the Kennedy pool shots. I am not liking the coloring in most of them. I played with them for hours last night but can't quite get it right. If you all could give some CC on what I need to do in PSE I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

ETA: Ok, I Changed the photo below so you can see a before and after....is one better than the other???
and a random shot!

Thanks girls!!!!


6 days in Iowa!

We are back!!!! Kennedy and I went up to Iowa for 6 days and we are back! She had an amazing time and we were SOOOOO busy!!! So here is a VERY quick recap of our week!!
*As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them!!!

Day 1:
  • Mommy and Paw-Paw get their haircut
  • Mommy, Paw-Paw and Kennedy hit the zoo
  • Big family dinner

Day 2:
  • Mommy, Grandma and Kennedy visit Living History Farms
  • Mommy's camera battery dies 20 m inutes into the visit ( &!*$%)
  • Convertible ride and a quick stop at GG and Great Paw-Paw's house

Day 3:
  • Mommy, GG, Great Paw-Paw and Kennedy visit the library
  • We all meet for lunch at Applebee's
  • Mommy gets 2 back to back migraines b/c she forgot her migraine meds
  • Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lindsay, Mommy and Kennedy (in the jogger) go for a run

Day 4:
  • Uncle Ryan, Mommy & Kennedy hit the mall play place due to rain & visit HyVee
  • Mommy and Uncle Ryan make a BIG meal
  • Kay and Deb arrive and we have a huge family dinner

Day 5:
  • Rich, Melanie, Joe and Ben arrive
  • We all go to the grand opening of the play place at mall #2 and play fun games
  • We all eat atKahunaVille
  • We visit the Clive carnival and the kiddos ride lots of rides
  • The big kids and Joe have a massive water fight
  • Everyone eats and eats and eats

Day 6:
  • We all pack up and leave

While there Kennedy had a little accident. While playing with the dog she fell and hit her head on the corner of a table. You can see her disgusting black eye below. Along with other fun shots!

It was a wonderful trip but we are so glad to be back home!!!!!


Father's Day Weekend

What a BUSY BUSY weekend!!!! Saturday Kennedy and I went to KidsFest! She had a blast - I am so glad we went! Some of the photos on the previous post are from that day as well as the above photo of the little "jailbird!"

For Father's Day we went to the Zoo! What a blast! This girl is scared of NOTHING!!!!! She was so into every animal and loved riding the train around the zoo!We were able to feed nectar to the Lorikeets - it was a truly amazing experience to have them eat out of your hand! Kennedy is feeding one below and I had 2 land on my arm and share!!

Kennedy had a great time ROARING at the sleeping lions!
The carousel is new to the zoo this year and it is gorgeous! So bright and beautiful! Kennedy had a blast! The carousel at the mall is now gone so she was itching for a ride!!!

Kennedy was dissapointed she didn't get to touch every animal! She thought she should be able to get in ALL the cages and play with each of them!!!
She was allowed to touch an 8ft boa constrictor though!!!!!!! She wasn't scared a bit! In fact, after this she petted a black throated monitor too! She had to go back to the boa a second time because she loved it so much!! She is a true dare devil!
And this is just a funny shot from last week. She is fighting naps lately and I worry that she is almost ready to give them u. :( I enjoy getting a little time to myself! One day last week I told her she had to stay in her bed. After an hour I could still hear her singing and making noises so I went to check on her. And this is what I saw!!!!She will hop out of bed to grab a book and RUN back into her bed! Hey, I won't complain about her reading too much! I love that she has a passion for books! :)

Ok, that is all for now! Have a great week my friends!


Challenge Photos

I have joined a group of kind and talented ladies who are all interested in photography. I am hoping some of their mad skills will rub off on me! Plus they are just so kind and fun! So each week we have a challenge and we post the photos we took for the challenge on our blogs. And here are mine!!! Remember gals - I love CC!!!!!

These first three were photos I took earlier in the week without knowing what our challenge would be. I think they might satisfy the challenge, though. While they aren't the best composition, I think got some DOF in there!

The next set are photos I took today at KidFest. Kennedy had a blast and I had fun playing with my camera!!!

TFL everyone!


Elijah turns 2!

Last weekend we had a party to celebrate my cute lil nephew's 2nd birthday! Is he not adorable?!?!? I was able to play around with my camera and get some fun shots! Love this one of my other nephew Logan - he was peaking from behind the stairs!
After the festivities Logan and Kennedy went to the park to play. Well, with all the recent rain it was flooded! Logan went for it and jumped right in a mud puddle! Our reaction was probably not a good one - we burst into uncontrollable laughter! So that prompted him to do more jumping and falling! Kennedy thought it looked fun so we stripped her to her daiper and let her go for it! They had a great time!Kennedy and I have kept busy! This week we have gone for bike rides, eaten at fun restaurants, taken Izzy to the dog park, gone shopping, visited story time in the park, read a million books, painted, played in the sand box, baked and decorated cookies, sang and danced....you name it! And it is only Wednesday!

I also have some scrappy news to share that I can't believe I haven't shared before! I was asked to join a new design team at More than Scrapbooking!!! A new friend, Lori, recently purchased the site and is going to revamp it and get it going again! I just got my first kit in the mail today and I am stoked! It has yummy Crate Paper and of course lots of other goodies! This kit club features an item to alter each month, which totally pulled me in! For July we have a chipboard album to play with! Just wait until you see what else Lori has up her sleeve!!

Well, hope you all are having a super week! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and get emails when I update!


This week in review

While Daddy had a work conference out of state, Kennedy and I went up north to visit the grandparents! She had a fabulous time as always!

Get ready for an onslaught of photos! *Remember you can always see a photo larger by double clicking directly on the photo!*

Here is Kennedy playing her favorite make believe game of "Scary Monster!"Here she is eating yummy ice cream with chocolate sauce with Grandma Jodie!We were lucky this trip that Kennedy got to see her cousins Eva, Calvin and Emma. Eva and Kennedy are around a month apart in age. Can you tell which is older?! Grandpa Doug, the wildlife biologist, gave Kennedy some great animal lessons! A bird had nested right outside their back door and it had 3 babies. Kennedy checked on them each time she went outside. She was really interested! She was also interested in chasing the bigger birds around the backyard. She would say "I catch a buhdie!" and would be amazed that each time "Da buhdie fly away, Mommy!"
She is also very interested in bugs. ANY bug that moves. She doesn't care what it is. She made Grandpa pick up a gazillion ants for closer inspection! What a sweet Grandpa!
She also visited her great grandparents whom she loves to see!Kennedy currently has a HUGE crush on her Uncle Ryan. She cannot wait to see him each time she goes up to Iowa! She will continually ask where he is until he arrives! And then when he does she gives him the HUGEST grin!!! While we were there I asked her if she missed her dog, Izzy. She said, "No, I miss Ryan!"
This photo is just a new favorite of mine! Don't really know why! Maybe because it show her little sunkissed arms and how she is constantly in motion!Here are some things Kennedy is currently doing and saying. I just don't want to forget them so I will record them here!!

Swimmy cool = swimming pool

Like this mommy - I am supposed to copy her- whatever she is doing! Maybe touching our head, swirling in circles, or crawling on all fours! She loves to play copy cat!

Stand up please. Stand up up up. (from Dora)

While getting her nails painted:
Pwehtty mommy! Oh pwehtty! I show Izzie! Izzie, see da pwehtty?!

When we approach a Rail Road track:
Here come uh bumpy mommy And we MUST say "wooaaahh" when we go over the tracks! She will remind you if you forget!

Ahshway? pointing forward at an intersection.

Ah weech da sky = I reach the sky.

Below is our little neighbor boy and Kennedy. I just was watching them interact yesterday and had to record their conversation. I thought it was too cute!
S: Hi Kennedy!
Kennedy: Hi!!!
S: Wanna see my new bike?
Kennedy: Silence and stares.
S: Do you like my new bike?
Kennedy: Ah na mail - holding out the mail to him.
S: Do you know how fast my bike goes?
Kennedy: Points at me.
S: Bye.
Kennedy: Bye Zach. (that is not his name!)
S: Bye.
Kennedy: Bye.

And finally, a layout I did recently about Kennedy's 2nd birthday!


End of School and Memorial Day Weekend

This is going to be a quick update! Kennedy and I are visiting family and enjoying the begininng of our summer! Above you can see her making "special cookies" with mommy! We had a blast!

For Memorial Day weekend we met some friends downtown. The KC Symphony played in front of Union Station and everyone sat on the hill to watch and listen. We brought blankies and food and chairs and had a wonderful night! After the music everyone turned their chairs around to look at the WWI Memorial as they had a fantastic fireworks display behind it! Kennedy was not too thrilled about the fireworks! She huddled in daddy's arms while he plugged her ears!

Kennedy got a new travel bed...DORA! And she loves it! We brought it up to Iowa to use at the Grandparent's houses!

I will try to update again soon! I will have lots of photos from our trip to Iowa!!!! :)