Sharing some photos!

I am sooooooooooo behind on editing photos it isn't fuuny!!!! So this is a photo heavy post! Beware!!

The following are from our trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill! YUMMY fun! Kennedy loved the cider donuts and the cider slush!

We of course HAD to get some photos by the pumpkins! But darn, this girl won't look at the camera!!!
And we listened to some Bluegrass music for awhile. There was a song about acting like a chicken. Kennedy of course was all over that! She strutted like a chicken in front of the stage for the entire song!!!

The other day the neighbor kids were out riding their bikes in the driveway. They had drawn "roads" with chalk. Kennedy's 'crush' and sometimes sitter was over there so she HAD to go over with them! Well, she wanted to take her pink motorized car -so we did. Then she decided she wanted her scooter. Ok. Then she wanted her big orange car. Ok. Then she wanted her tricycle. Ok. She rode them ALL around the driveway! Is she spoiled or what!?

Today we had our 19 week sonogram! It was wonderful - the baby looks perfect and is weighing in at .5 a lb! It gave us a great open hand shot! I will have to share them later since our darn scanner died! I am going to take a belly photo tonight, so you all have that to look forward too! LOL!!

And I just have to record some funny things my girl has said recently:
  • Daddy was sneaking bites of pizza off Kennedy's plate since she wasn't eating them anyway. Kennedy kept saying "No Daddy - don't touch my food!" After about 2- 3 exchanges of this Kennedy got serious! She pointed her finger at Daddy and said, " No, no Daddy. I'm gonna make you SAD!" We both just bust out laughing! But Daddy got the point and stopped sneaking bites!
  • On our trip to Iowa I was telling Kennedy we would meet Uncle Ryan's new dog, Bodie. So Kennedy started singing a song for Bodie! She replaced Wags the Dog with Bodie the Dog in the song "Wags likes to Tango!" It was too cute!


~*AMY*~ said...

oh my goodness that is sooooo cute that she got mad at her daddy for sneaking pizza...and what she said, hilarious! such cute pics girl!

Anonymous said...

Soungs like the trip to the cider mill was a lot of fun. Glad to hear "jr." and mommy are both doing well!

cherie said...

hope you are doing great !!!
cute photos , looks like a good time!

michelle lanning said...

LOVE the chicken dance pictures -- so stinkin cute!

Jane said...

cute cute pictures of your daughter!!!! what a sweety!!
Hey I also like your husbands(?) tee-shirt...(GO K-State!!!!) born and raised in Manhattan, it's in my blood!!!
Sorry I got off track...I love the dancing photos the best!!!

pixelchick said...

She is just too adorable!