Preparing for Halloween!

Two more days until the "real" Trick or Treating begins!!!! Kennedy has already had plenty of 'practice' and time in her costume! We went with her cousins to a trick or treat at their YMCA Saturday. Then Sunday we went trick or treating at the Zoo!!! Good thing she enjoys her costume! (Well, other than the head piece!!!) Here are a few pics to share!

Also, I finally scanned our latest sonogram shots! 1st shot below is a head on of the face (alien shot!) The second is a side view of the baby laying down.
Top photo below is a foot! 2nd is a hand! I LOVE the one of the baby's hand wide open!And a layout I am really pleased with! Just thought I would share! Can't believe that was Kennedy a year ago!


Trying to Catch UP!

Like I said last post, I am so behind editing photos it isn't funny! Here are a few from our trip to Iowa a few weekends ago! We had to visit Howell's Farm - it has become a yearly tradition!

Climbing bails with Uncle Wyan (Ryan)!Posing in the Howell's sign! Last year she was too short to stand there alone! Not this year!
THE cutest couple ever - Ry and Lindsay!
Corn surfing as I like to call it!
And of course, you have to get buried in the corn - just like sand!
And I think I may have about 75 other shots of Kennedy feeding goats, but hey, what is ONE more?!
We also made the trip to Iowa City to see Ralph's World in concert!!! Kennedy just loves music!
We got to the concert before anyone (to use the restroom really!). Ralph was already waiting to greet kids! We got Kennedy's photo taken with him - she was being QUITE shy! He also signed a shirt for her!

When the music started the kids were dancing in the aisles. Well, that wasn't good enough for Kennedy! The brave lil soul ran RIGHT up to the front of the stage and started groovin! I had to run down there and pull her aside! Well, Ralph must have noticed because after that song, he said all the kids could come down front and dance! So she spent most of the concert dancing in the "mosh pit!" I still am amazed at how brave she is - dancing among all the BIG kids with the music BLARING! And for the last few songs, all the kids got to go on stage and dance!!!! So Kennedy and Papa Randy went up!And here we are afterward! (Can you see my lil belly?!) We went to the Amana's on the way home and ate the most delicious Amish meal!
I also want to thank you all for sending your well wishes and prayers this last week for my (and baby's) surgery! All went well and we both are recovering well! A HUGE thanks to my dear sweet husband for waiting on my hand and foot for three days. AND for spending the night in hospital with me. :) And a thank you to my family up in IA for watching Kennedy so I could recover. I missed her terribly but I know she had a blast!


Kennedy's Story & photos of course!

*sorry again for the photo heavy post!*
Friday night we took Kennedy to Power Play - a kid's arcade. I only got my camera out once (my mother and grandma would be proud!). I HAD to get a shot of Kennedy and Daddy playing a "violent" gun game! She ate it up!

Saturday we met my friend Monica and her family at Paradise Park - which is essentially a children's paradise! The kids had so much fun! Kennedy really got into painting her face!! She loved their cooking project for the day and played in the make believe pizza parlor for a very long time! It is a great place for winter and rainy days!

PS- these photos are reflections taken in a mirror. I would LOVE some feedback! I had not tried it before and would love some tips! TIA!
shutter speed 1/200
aperture 5.6

Monday night we made "Spider Cupcakes!" See for yourself how enjoyable it was!



Sunday night Kennedy was NOT tired. She tried to go to bed in her room for about an hour. Then I tried rocking her. Then we lied down in Mommy and Daddy's bed. And this is a story she decided to tell us.

K: 1st, I have to get the Strawberry cake! (clasps hands together in front of her chest) Yummy! Strawberries are yummy! I like strawberries!
M: Me too!
K: The storm cloud!(She screams) The storm cloud is coming! (she covers her eyes and whimpers). The storm cloud gonna get us. (points to the window) Go away storm cloud! Mommy like this 'go away storm cloud!'
M: Go away storm cloud!
K: 1st I have to get the strawberry cake at the store.
M: At the store?
K: Yeah. And there is a bear!
M: Oh my!
K: The bear isn't scary Mommy.
D: The bear is nice?
K: Yeah. Just pet it. (holds out hands to pet the air) Just pet it guys.
M & D: (pet the air)
K: And it goes up in the air! Whoosh!! (Pushes her arms above her head) Up high in the air!!(Swirls her arms above her head)
D: The bear is in the air?
K: Yeah - the bear up high!

Too fun!

Other things I need to jot down to remember:

Kennedy is interchangeably calling us Mom, Mommy, Momma and Dad, Daddy, Dada.

She is big into being clean. Before drinking she always says "I don't spill Mommy." And before eating she often says 'I need a bib" or "I don't get messy Mommy."

She is starting to work the pout... and throwing mini fits if she doesn't get her way... terrible 2's here we come!

When we leave the house, she always asks if Izzie the dog can come. Or she will say things like "Dogs can't go in the store, Mommy?" And when we return the first thing she does is call for Izzie and run to hug her.

Shampoo = shampoop

Tonight in the car it was dark. She said, "Momma, I see da moon!" Then she said, "I wanna sit on it."


Sharing some photos!

I am sooooooooooo behind on editing photos it isn't fuuny!!!! So this is a photo heavy post! Beware!!

The following are from our trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill! YUMMY fun! Kennedy loved the cider donuts and the cider slush!

We of course HAD to get some photos by the pumpkins! But darn, this girl won't look at the camera!!!
And we listened to some Bluegrass music for awhile. There was a song about acting like a chicken. Kennedy of course was all over that! She strutted like a chicken in front of the stage for the entire song!!!

The other day the neighbor kids were out riding their bikes in the driveway. They had drawn "roads" with chalk. Kennedy's 'crush' and sometimes sitter was over there so she HAD to go over with them! Well, she wanted to take her pink motorized car -so we did. Then she decided she wanted her scooter. Ok. Then she wanted her big orange car. Ok. Then she wanted her tricycle. Ok. She rode them ALL around the driveway! Is she spoiled or what!?

Today we had our 19 week sonogram! It was wonderful - the baby looks perfect and is weighing in at .5 a lb! It gave us a great open hand shot! I will have to share them later since our darn scanner died! I am going to take a belly photo tonight, so you all have that to look forward too! LOL!!

And I just have to record some funny things my girl has said recently:
  • Daddy was sneaking bites of pizza off Kennedy's plate since she wasn't eating them anyway. Kennedy kept saying "No Daddy - don't touch my food!" After about 2- 3 exchanges of this Kennedy got serious! She pointed her finger at Daddy and said, " No, no Daddy. I'm gonna make you SAD!" We both just bust out laughing! But Daddy got the point and stopped sneaking bites!
  • On our trip to Iowa I was telling Kennedy we would meet Uncle Ryan's new dog, Bodie. So Kennedy started singing a song for Bodie! She replaced Wags the Dog with Bodie the Dog in the song "Wags likes to Tango!" It was too cute!


Fabulous Fall Weather!!

The weather was PERFECT this weekend and we spent tons of time outdoors! And of course I took tons of photos! Just wanna share some of Sunday. It was Great Grandpa Henry's 92nd birthday party and all the family came. The kids loved watching/helping Gpa open his presents! The park also has a wonderful playgound where the kiddos played and played! And no party is complete without balloons!!!! It was a great afternoon!! Happy 92nd Henry!!!!!

I also just want to jot down a few funny things that Kennedy is doing lately!

  • She ran in the house one day and said "Mommy - I am sick. I need medicine." Then she made herself cough!
  • The next day it was "It hurts right here" and she pointed to her throat. Then she made herself cough again!
  • EVERY DAY she says "Guess what Mama? Grandma, Papa Randy and Roxie are coming!!" They haven't visited since Labor Day but she is SURE they are coming back soon!
  • She tries to share everything she eats! "Mommy - do you want some?!" Sweet girl!
  • If Daddy is mowing the lawn, she has to run outside too! She grabs her play mower and walks the yard!!
  • She takes her bug catcher - looks like a butterlfy net -and puts it on her head! Then she says "I'm a Pirate Ship!"
  • She wants us to "tip toe" with her! But we have to walk on our HEELS - NOT our toes!!!
  • Lately, if we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, she will say "I don't. (insert request) is for babies!" Some things that are for babies (according to her) are cereal, forks, spoons, diapers and other odd things!
  • And for the last week or so she has been melting my heart every morning! When I go to leave for work, she says, "No Mommy. I want you to stay wif me." I sure wish I could!