Christmas Day!

It was truly wonderful to spend Chrsitmas morning at our home just the three of us!!! The night before we went to church. Kennedy got to go to the service b/c there was no childcare. She loved the music and danced and danced! She also was very excited when we got to light the candles. I let her hold one with me and she thought she was so special! We went home and put out cookies and milk for Santa! She was a bit confused as to why she couldn't see Santa eat them!

In the morning we brought her downstairs and showed her the cookies had been eaten and the milk was gone. She was so not believing us! She thought for sure Izzy the dog ate them!!!! LOL! She of course had a blast opening her stocking and gifts from mommy and daddy!

Grandma and Grandpa Hunter couldn't see her for the holidays. Their gift to her was large so we just bought it here in KC and set it up while she was sleeping Christmas Eve. Here she is "opening" it!!!

Ah yes!!!! A TRAIN TABLE!!!!!! Boy was that exciting!!!! She has spent so much time with it over the holiday break. We ended up reorganizing the entire room and moved the toys around totally to make room for it!! But I am loving the rolling storage carts underneath!

And here are more presents to open!!!!

And one last shot to share. This was at the Rhodes holiday party. Meemaw was holding baby Lukas and Kennedy was oh so intrigued!!!! I think this is a good sign for her future sis or bro!!!

Kennedy has finally decided that there IS a baby in mommy's tummy! We will ask her if it is a boy or girl and if she wants a sister or brother and she is constantly changing her mind! But this weekend she was stuck on baby brother. Grandma Jodie asked what his name would be and Kennedy said "baby Penguin." Too funny!
Also, we have been working VERY hard on potty training over the break! And she is finally getting the hang of it! Today she wouldn't LET me put on a diaper and said twice "No more diapers!!!" I don't want to jinx myself but she is doing an awesome job!!!! Hooray!
Ok, that is enough for now! Happy New Year's everyone!


Holiday Photos!!!

We had 4 holiday celebrations this year!! So I won't post all the photos today!! ;)

We hosted the Holsapple get together at our home again this year. We had lasagna and lots of yummy desserts! I had fun playing around with my portrait mode!!!

My cute dh!!!
no flash
portrait mode
ISO 1600

Jeff and his sister, Kate


ISO 1600

No flash

Portrait mode

Kennedy and cousin Michael


ISO 1600

no flash

Great Grandpa Henry


Kennedy got a super fancy grocery store check out/cash register! She is learing about which foods are grains, fruits and veggies!

Back with more holiday photos later!


Snow Snow Snow!!!!

Hooray! Last week we got snow that has stayed!!! So we DID have a white Christmas! Kennedy has had a blast playing in the snow but her favorite thing is to eat it! :)
None of these were taken with a portrait in mind, but just everyday shots. Any ideas on improvements are appreciated!!!
All shots taken with my kit lens
Portrait mode
First Shot:
f /18
ISO 1600

Shot with Daddy:
ISO 800

Shot in the blowing snow:

ISO 800



Shot with the snowman:

ISO 1600


And family - don't worry! Holiday photos will follow!!!! :)


A gingerbread house and photos!

Last week we were watching some show that had a gingerbread house on it. Kennedy thought it looked so cool! So we went out and bought a kit! Really Jeff and I made it and decorated it and Kennedy mostly ate small pieces while we worked! But it was still fun! Below she is being silly and posing with her house!
We have kept VERY busy of course!! But on Sunday Kennedy came down with a fever. Poor girl just wanted to lie around all day. And for those of you who know Kennedy, she DOESN'T just lie around! I had hoped to play with my camera and some lighting and get some shots of her. And she actually was happy to sit and lie on the bed while I took some shots! Poor girl has a 102 temp in the photos - can you see her pink cheeks?!

* all photos are taken with my kit lens
* automatic setting
* no flash

I would love to get any and all feedback! I tried to get her to face the window to get better catch lights...but her eyes just won't "light up" like I want them to! Any suggestions?
Also, the bottom shot has a shadow I would like to lighten..any of you have Photoshop tips for me?!
Lastly, I know many of you gals use actions. Can you suggest a good b/w action for these?

Thanks for helping me learn ladies!!!


Tree Shots

This first shot is just for family!!! Kennedy out in the ICE!!!!!
Alright ladies!!! I tried your advice on setting for these! But unfortunately I only have the Rebel kit lens and it just doesn't quite do what I want it to! But this is what I got....I would love critiques - you can be harsh too!!!


Photo Critique!!!

I just posted some photos for my photo group to comment on!!!

1) I really struggle with indoor shots. Our house doesn't have the best lighting. Any suggestions on how to light up her eyes?

2) A bunch of photos of our ice storm this week. ANY feedback is appreciated!!!!

3) This is more for my family! Kennedy eating ice cream in front of our tree!!! :)

4) And Kennedy with Santa! This was taken in an elementary school gymnasium so you can imagine the lighting was LESS than ideal. I did what I could!!!!

Thanks gals! I will be back with more soon!


1st haircut and Holiday Portrait

So - what do you think?! The photo is one we got last night of Miss Kennedy! We went to Portrait Innovations to get her holiday shots done! Of course the best photo ended up being one that didn't have the holiday background! But I don't care! She looks so grown up to me! (The above photo is a scan of the original - so it is pretty muted!)

Last week we took Kennedy to get her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER!!!! Yes, she is 32 months and we had NEVER cut her hair! Not once! So we decided to make a big deal out of it and we took her to a place called Shear Madness! It was such a cool place!!!! It is specifically for kids - tons of fun things to look at and bright colors and fun music! Instead of sitting in seats the kids choose a car to sit in (or jeep or truck, etc) Kennedy chose a 1950's inspired teal car!!!! They have individual TV screens for them as well with a variety of movies to choose from. Kennedy chose to watch "Thomas the Train." She was so good through the whole thing - fully cooperative!!!

Here is a before shot! (Really, she was happy!)

Midway through the hair cut! In full driving mode!

And afterward! She is checking herself out in the mirror!!!!

We just took the dead ends off so the length isn't too different! Even though I can tell!!!

Below are two card that I am really happy with. They both appeared in the November issue of CARDS magazine. :)

Have a great week!!!