Catch Up & an RAK!!!!!!!!!

So.....I just can't shake a the sickies this winter. :( I spent the last 4-5 days with the nasty flu. So much for last minute plans before the baby arrives!!!! But such is life, right?

Just wanted to share some layouts I was holding back. Hoping for publication but I have hit a major dry spell. So it is time to share them!

You will see I am in love with Making Memories products lately!

This one was really just for fun...lots of pink, a cute photo of my girl and lots of hand sewing!

I just had to document Kennedy's dinner prayers. I really need to videotape it as well...she squeezes her eyes shut and whispers her prayers...beyond adorable!

These photos have been waiting to be scrapped for over a year! Finally found the perfect papers for them!!!! I am loving these circular papers!

This one was more about the song than anything. I just LOVE the song Gracie by Ben Folds. (Thanks Ryan for burning the song for me!) I cried the first time I heard it and thought of Kennedy. So everytime I sing it I change Gracie to Kenna! Just wanted to document it so I never forget!
And just a fun one with the KI Lace - yum! Kennedy LOVED hanging from this bar at the pool last year...lil dare devil!

I decided to do a little RAK!!!!

I was just RAK'ed twice in the past few weeks. Once by my scrappy friend (and new momma) chickypie a.k.a Emily! Thanks for the scrapping goodies Emily!!!!
And another time by the talented and super sweet Wendy Reed. I am so psyched I get one of her hand made bracelets!!! You have to check out her Etsy shop, Sweet Me Designs...she has THE cutest things! Thanks Wendy!

So, I have decided to have my own little RAK to spread the love!!!

But you have to do a little guessing first!! Since we don't know the gender of our little baby I decided I would have you all guess the gender as well as the weight and length!! Whomever gets closest will get some fun scrappy goodness from me! :)

Just post your guesses for GENDER, WEIGHT, & LENGTH here! I will likely not check back in again for about a week - but I will announce the winner here on my blog!!

And I thought it might be nice of me to tell you what Kennedy was when she was born, just to play with your mind! She was 41 weeks mind you! But she was 21 inches 8lbs 5.5oz!



Michelle Lanning said...

ok yay --- love the layouts girl - so soft and beautiful!

I am so guessing you are having a boy

20 inches and 8.2 lbs!

Amy W. said...

luv ur stuff Danielle!

my guess...

20 inches in length
7 lbs 11 ozs

Congrats on your up and coming bundle! :)

Shawna said...

Girl...7.5 pounds 21 1/2 inches. and congrats on the new little one coming!

Patti said...

20 inches
8.0 pounds

Abigail said...

I'm guessing:

20.5 inches
7 pounds 10 ounces.

Good luck!

scrappy77 said...

Love all these los!! YOu rock with the MM paper. I have some but haven't thought of how to really use it yet.

I am guessing you will have a boy! 8lbs.6ozs 21 inches

Good luck! Can wait to hear what it is and his or her name!!

Danielle said...

19.5 inches
7 lbs 8 ozs

Beautiful layouts!! Good luck with your delivery!

Michelle said...

I say:
21 inches
7 lbs 12 ozs

TheShermanFam said...
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TheShermanFam said...

Your LOs are gorgeous!!

Ok, so here is my guess...
19.5 inches
8 lbs 7 oz

Can't wait to see the little GUY!:)
Hope all goes smoothly!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Beautiful work!!
I say boy...20.5 inches and 9.2 lbs.

LisaW said...

Your layouts all rock Danielle!

I'm guessing another girl, 8lbs. 9oz. and 20 1/4" long (my little girls measurements).

Good Luck!!! Can't wait to hear the news...even if I don't win ;)

Lee said...

It sounds like today is better, yah. I prayed you'd have a easy and relaxing time this last 6 days. Ok, my guess: girl, 19.5/8", 7.15 1/2 lbs.
Only two days to go. Praying for you guys. Hugs.

kristy.lynn said...

Your lo's are absolutely adorable! I love them!

so my guess is:

20 1/2 inches
7lbs 9 oz

and HEALTHY :) good luck... can't wait to see the new little apple ;)

maria W said...

beautiful layout girl i love them :D

my guess

a girl
21 inches

Renee K said...


19 inches 7lb 8oz

Susan Dupre said...

Hee,hee Danielle, what a cute idea - ok here goes...


7.2 lbs

19.3" long

Jan said...

I hope everything goes well for oyu!! YOu have a beautiful family!

my guess is a boy

7 pds 6 oz

20 3/4 inches long

Good luck!

2H Design said...

baby girl
18 inches
7 lbs 6 oz

( i like to go against what is expected!)

Hope you are feeling better!

Sunnymommie said...

my guess is girl

21 inches
7 lbs 12oz

Jane said...

Love your stuff too Danielle!!

My guess is a BOY 22inches at 7lbs. 80z. Good luck and can't wait to find out for sure!!!

Kathleen Summers said...

What gorgeous projects!! You are very talented.

My guess:

7lbs 1 oz
19 1/2 inches

Happy Baby!!


Heather said...

My guess is:

8 pounds 8 ounces
20 inches long

Good luck, Danielle!

Davinie said...

HUGE Hugs, Sweetie.

Jaime Lynne said...

Lots of kind thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Trishamaus2005 said...

I'm guessing

BOY: 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long! :)

Abigail said...

Thinking of you today.

Jennifer said...

Thinking of you! (((Hugs)))

Jessie said...

Lots of hugs and good thoughts coming your way