Flower Girl!

I must start this post by wishing my cousin, Sydney and her new husband, Brandon, all the happiness in the world! They truly seem like the dream couple - they way they interacted all day just gave me goosebumps! Love you both! Hope you enjoying your honeymoon!!!
So, you KNOW I took lots of photos! I just edited a few quickly tonight - to pacify the family! LOL!
Kennedy got to walk down the aisle with her cousin, Joe! Aren't they the sweetest things?!?! This shot was just before they walked down the aisle. Do they look nervous?!

As soon as Kennedy got to her seat after doing her thing, she hopped on Papa Randy's lap. And this was her not 5 minutes into the ceremony!
And then about 10 minutes into the ceremony this was her!!!
And this was after the ceremony!!!!!

This was just a lucky shot of Kennedy with the GORGEOUS bride, my cousin Sydney!!!

And Kennedy wasn't cooperating so much while I tried to catch the 2 of them!!!! This is as good as it got!
You will have to wait until a later post to see the reception shots!!!

Syd and Brandon had THE coolest video at their reception! The best I have ever seen! They even had the ceremony on it already!!! You can view it here at the website below. Click on Videos.
Look for Sydney and Brandon but don't click their name, click Read More.


In scrappy news, I got a Halloween card picked up for the October issue of CARDS!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Busy Week!!!!

You would think that me being off work would give me TONS more time to post to my blog....but it sure hasn't felt that way!!!!

I still need to upload the rest of our photos from Myrtle Beach! But here are two more. We went to a cool private zoo. You could feed essentially ANY animal but the lions and tigers! So of course Kennedy, the animal lover, wanted to feed them all! This was the second day of our trip and it was a tad cool...hence the spring jacket she has on. But the weather was perfect for walking around viewing animals! You can see she is feeding a deer through the fence on the first shot, and a zebra on the second shot! She is a brave girl!

Well, Jeff and I headed to Branson for a few days to get some R&R just the two of us! It was nice to just be able to chill by the pool, wander through some shops and watch a movie! We needed that time!

Kennedy's last dance class was this week! It was a riot to be able to watch her finally! Normally the parents wait outside of the classroom and take turns peeking through the little window in the door!!! Kennedy has such fun while she is there, but part of the time she is really in her own little world! She would try to catch glimpses of herself in the mirror (we parents were blocking the mirror!). Her favorite move is to put her hands on her hips and shake her hips!! She often did that while she was supposed to be tapping!!!

Little Ballerina!!!!

Trying to spy herself in the mirror!!!!

Doing a train!! She is right behind her lead teacher, Miss Jaime!

Free Dance!!!!
Ok, I have TONS of photos to share over the next weeks! And I know I will catch more this weekend as Kenna will be a flower girl in my cousin Sydney's wedding!!!
AND, I have been to two crops in the last 3 weeks so I will have layouts to share!!!
Hope you all are doing well!!!! Enjoy the Spring weather and the weekend!


Happy Mother's Day

4 generations - 2005
Grandma, me, Mom, Kennedy

Just a quick post.

I want to give a shout out to all my mothers, grandmas and my sister in law!!! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and I wish you the happiest of Mother's Days!!!!

4 generations 2007

me, Kennedy, Mom, Grandma

My momma Jodie!

My momma Jodie again!!!!!

My momma Shelly and sister Kate!

My momma Shelly again!

Most of all, thank you to my 2 beautiful children. It is because of you both that I am a mom. I LOVE YOU KENNEDY AND SAM.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mother friends, too! :)


Back from Vacation!!!!!

Well, we are back from our weeklong trip to Myrtle Beach! It was fabulous! And I will be editing photos for months I think!
Kennedy is quite the traveler - she loved the plane rides! She is so easy - she will go anywhere and do anything! And can I just say how nice it is to travel with a potty trained little girl?!?! :)
These photos are just from our first day....
The weather was chilly and the water was very cold...You can see we are wearing jackets! Kennedy put her feet in and then she was done...she was shivering! Luckily the weather got better and we later spent MORE time on the beach while it was warm!
Love this photo of my sweet hubby!

We went to a very cool place called Alligator Adventure! They had more gators and crocs than I had seen in my entire life!!!! These were 2 albino gators...very cool!
These were 2 huge crocs! At first we thought they weren't real because they barely moved! But they were VERY real!

And here is our brave lil girl petting an alligator!!!! She just loves animals of all types!
Alligator Adventure had MANY other cool animals to check out as well. We saw some super creepy snakes that I was so glad were behind glass! We thought these 2 lizards were pretty funny!
Alligator Adventure is located at a fun place called Barefoot Landing. Kennedy HAD to ride the carousel with Daddy!!!
And I had to take a picture of this restaurant. Kennedy had to point out the huge crab everytime we went by! We eventually ate there but it wasn't anything spectacular.

And this was a typical night for us! Jeff eating his weight in crab legs! Nothing like fresh seafood! I am not a huge seafood fan but I really enjoyed all the things I tried!
Phew....that was just one day!!!!! I will gradually post more photos for you all!