But first..........

Look at what Jeff brought home for me last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He picked them out himself and everything! What a sweet guy!!!! THANKS BABE!
And finally, I started 2 of these layouts a month ago and finally finished them! But the first one is a lift of Leslie Ashe - it was a challenge at CMK. And let me tell you , it was a challenge! Leslie is so darn talented! I didn't do her page justice!

This one was just for fun....loved this photos of Kennedy from last summer!

And I finally started scrapping our Disney trip! I love this layout!

That is all for now! Have a great week y'all!


Heather said...

Love all your new LO's! You do such an awesome job with all the little details! And what a sweet husband, lucky lady! :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome shoes! Love the Disney LO!!

Kim Ryden said...

I love that I was there to see the start of the Disney layout!


Danielle said...

Love the new shoes, and love your new layouts!! :)

Norma Kennedy said...

yay Danielle- Im so excited to be working with u for MLS- look forward to getting to know u better !


erin said...

hi there!
just wanted to say hi, looking forward to working with you for MLS.
happy tuesday!

Michelle Lanning said...

love the shoes ---

awesome layouts --- just beautiful!