I want to hold Baby Sammy

The conversation that this photo produced tonight.

Tonight Kennedy pointed at a framed photo of Sammy, Jeff and I from the hospital and she thought it was a photo of herself. So I told her it was Sam. Here is how the conversation went:

Kennedy: Where is Baby Sammy right now?

Me: Remember sweetie? He is in Heaven with Jesus.

K: What is he doing there?

M: He is probably playing with Jesus and Kayleen's baby.

K: Where is Heaven?

M: It is really far away.

K: Can you drive a car there?

M: Nope. It is too far to drive a car.

K: Can the airplane go there?

M: Not even an airplane will take us there. The only way we can get to Heaven is for God to bring us there.

K: But where is God right now?

M: He is in Heaven, too, with Baby Sammy and Jesus.

K: I want to look at pictures of me baby. When I was borned.

So we hop on the computer to look up photos of her when she was born. She is ooing and asking lots of questions like "Why am I crying? What is on my head? What is the doctor doing?" The photo of her below really got her thinking!!!!There is one photo of me sitting in the hospital bed holding her and this is our conversation.

K: I want you to do that again?

M: Do what? Have a baby again?

K: Yeah, in the hospital too.

M: You want mommy to have another baby?

K: Yeah. And I want to hold Baby Sammy like that.

M: Yeah. I want to hold Baby Sammy too.

July 4th will be Samuel's 4 month birthday. Love you little guy.


Learning to Ride a Bike

The playground is the best kid place, don't you think???
Of course Kennedy enjoys playgrounds - but so does our dog, Isabel!!! That is, as long as there aren't tons of other kids around! Saturday evening Jeff had flag football for the rest of us went to Kill Creek Park. We were the only people at the playground for a long time. So Kennedy and Isabel (and me too) had fun on the playground! When we left, there was dog hair in the play tunnels! Oops!

In early May I picked up this little Princess bike with training wheels at a garage sale. I was pretty sure Kennedy wasn't ready for it yet, but it was a steal so I grabbed it. Boy, was I wrong! She is really getting the hang of it! I am so very proud of her! She loves to ride it - in fact I keep it in the back of the van so whenever we hit a park she can ride! These were some photos from Saturday evening. What a cutie!

And this is just another layout that I finally finished. I started it a crop a month ago and never got it all the way done until now! I enjoyed all the hand stitching and glitter!!

I hope you all are enjoying your weeks! June is almost over - can you believe it!? Get in all those summer activities before time gets away from you!!!

My Little Shoebox

Just wanted to share my first 2 creations using the Butterfly line from My Little Shoebox! All supplies other than cardstock are MLS!!!
For this one I had cut everything in the bottom left corner. I also cut out the butterflies from the patterned paper. I pop dotted the butterflies and heart. The photo is Kennedy's 3 yr portrait! She doesn't like to pose at all as you can tell!!!

This one has lots of the MLS cie cuts! LOVE THEM!!!!

And this is not MLS product!!! Just the little album I made for our trip to Myrtle Beach. I had premade the pages for journaling. At the end of each day of our trip I sat down and wrote about what we had done. The memories are all tucked away in this mini album! TFL!


We Love Summer!

Oh how we love summer! Living in the city (ok the suburbs) gives us so many options! There is ALWAYS something fun to do. Jeff always claims I know about EVERY kid friendly activity in the KC area! I do work hard at searching out fun events for us to do! Not only does Kennedy have a blast, I love watching her have a blast!

Well, today we went to KidFest, hosted by Johnson County Parks and Rec. We went for the first time last year and she and I had a blast! I knew she would enjoy it even more this year. And she did! Antioch Park is a very fun and pretty park to begin with, so you add in the carnival type atmosphere and it is perfection!

She did the following supah fun things:

  • play on those inflatable air bouncies

  • do a cookie walk (won 2 cookies)

  • get a tattoo (she chose a giraffe)

  • get her face painted (a pink heart on one cheek and a pink K on the other)

  • get her hair painted (orange polka dots),

  • build a wooden land sail (with daddy's help)

  • pet and hold exotic birds

  • geocach - our first time!!!!

  • have a picnic

  • play at the rockin' playground (one of the coolest in KC)

And this photo below is from LAST YEAR at Kid Fest! Same shot a year apart!!!!

Last night we visited Chick-Fil-A. There were having a Princess Night!!!! The radio station KLove was sponsoring it. There were dancing and singing kiddos doing Disney showtunes, a Prom Queen handing out princess stickers, Prince Charming trying the glass slipper on all the little girls, and Cinderella who signed autographs and took photos with the gals. Oh it was tooo cute!! So Kennedy picked out which princess outfit she wanted to wear. She chose Snow White of course! And, yes, I matched the wrong skirt with it! I know, I know, Snow White has a GOLD skirt! Oops!! Kennedy didn't realize it! She also picked out her own shoes, wand and tiara! She had a great time!

And that is only the half of what we have done so far this weekend! We definitely love summer around here! Hope you all are enjoying your weekends and summer where you are!


I want you to be my husband!!!

Tonight I was reading Kennedy a Bible story, the story of Noah and the great flood. We have read it before but this time something new caught her attention. We were talking about Noah's wife and his son's wives. Kennedy asked who her wife was. So I tried to explain to her about men and women getting married and that we call them husband and wife, yada yada. So she asked who her husband was. I told her she wouldn't have one until she grew to be much, much older. Then she could pick any man she wanted to be her husband. She was quiet for a moment and said to me, "I want YOU to be my husband!" And she gave me a huge hug!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to New York City with my mother, and our cousins Deb and Kay. They served as our own personal tour guides because they had been there numerous times before! We saw sooo many sites - I can't explain how fun it was! I haven't gone through the 600 photos I took yet. (Yes, I really took 600+ photos! Thank goodness for digital!!!) But here are a few!

This is THOTH. He performs near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. If you aren't familiar with THOTH, you need to check him out!!! Quite an interesting fellow!
Here is mom and Kay at the Today show! Yes, we got to be on TV!!! The camera just panned us, we didn't get interviewed but that was ok with us!!!
Here is Mom and I....true tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty!!!!

And just a fun shot of Kay and I (with Deb in front) on one of our MANY subway rides!!!

I also just wanted to share with you all the gift I made Jeff for Father's Day. I tried my hand at digital scrapping and created an album. I used an amazing kit from Liz Tamanaha over at Paislee Press. You can see the album on Shutterfly here:


I would love to know your thoughts on it!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


My Little Shoebox

I am so tickled to announce that I have been asked to join my very first design team for a manufacturer! My Little Shoebox has asked me to join 6 other very talented ladies! Head on over to their brand new blog for a chance to win some My Little Shoebox goodies!!!!

And check out their website to see their amazing products!!!!

Here are the announcement!

Sunday, June 15, 2008
Announcement: My Little Shoebox Design Team Members
I am pleased to announce the new faces for our Design Team. Joining myself, Suzy West and Erin Yamabe are:
Danielle Holsapple
Emily Jones
Gretchen McElveen
Norma Kennedy
Tanisha Long
Welcome ladies! I am very excited to have them joining us. You can expect to see a lot of awesome project from them every month.Congratulations and Welcome to My Little Shoebox!



But first..........

Look at what Jeff brought home for me last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He picked them out himself and everything! What a sweet guy!!!! THANKS BABE!
And finally, I started 2 of these layouts a month ago and finally finished them! But the first one is a lift of Leslie Ashe - it was a challenge at CMK. And let me tell you , it was a challenge! Leslie is so darn talented! I didn't do her page justice!

This one was just for fun....loved this photos of Kennedy from last summer!

And I finally started scrapping our Disney trip! I love this layout!

That is all for now! Have a great week y'all!


Puddles & Strawberries are Slippery

Did you know that? Well, that is what Kennedy informed me tonight while eating strawberries. Out of the blue she said "Mommy, sometimes puddles and strawberries are slippery" except puddles sounds like paddles when she says it!

So, I have been awful about updating...I feel like we are constantly on the run! We had another wedding in Iowa. We stopped at one set of grandparents first though. And you can see they had a fabulous water fight!

Next it was to the other set of Iowa grandparents!! My step sister Abbie married her new hubby Luke at the end of May. She was a gorgeous bride!! And Kennedy fell asleep again! But we did have fun dancing!!! She was tickled that Papa Doug danced with her! And there was a stage for the wedding party - Kennedy thought it was the best play place!

Well, summer is here - the weather is HOT AND MUGGY!!! We hit the pools this week for the first time! And I got out the sprinkler and slip-n-slide!!!! I hadn't thought about how tricky it could be to teach a 3yr old to run, jump and slide on a slip-n-slide! But Kennedy caught on fairly quickly!

Daddy took her fishing today for her first time! We have been to the parks, to the fancy Gardner Pool with friends, to Elijah's birthday party, purchased a new stove/oven, planted flowers, grass and vegetables, rode our Barbie car all around, gone jogging in the jogger and many other fun summer things!!!!

I haven't scrapped in a few weeks so don't ask for updates!!! :) I hope to post more photos soon!!!