More Sewing!!!!

I have been bad about posting to this blog!!! So I figured I could show you some sewing I have done over the last month or two!!! This pink and yellow taggie blankie is one I made for Little Miss Marin!!!! I just love the decorative stitching options on my new sewing machine!!!

Way back in May, I tried my hand at making a bag! It was my first time and I can use some practice!! But I enjoy trying new things anyway! This bag I made for Kenendy's preschool teacher. For the last day of school we filled it with stuff from Bath & Body Works - so it was a bit heavy!!!
And this was my first order!!!!! I hope little baby Eden enjoys it!!!! I will be opening an Etsy shop...working on that now. And I am sewing like crazy trying to build up a little inventory! I will share it all with you when it is up and running!!!!


jacque4u2c said...

LOVE THEM!!!! I can't wait to see what you include in your shop. You are always so inspiring! Let me know when you open it and I will announce it on my blog.

kristy.lynn said...

danielle you have such an eye & talent i know your etsy shop will do well! love the decorative stitching as well! keep the pictures coming.. love looking at all the fun kennedy is having! :)