I Can Sew!!!!!

Before you read this entire post, keep in mind that I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to sewing! I have sooooo much more to learn! But I am loving this new hobby of mine! Do you think Jeff would build me a sewing room to go along with my scrapbook room?!?! I know better than to ask!!

It seems that lately I have been surrounded by pregnant family members and friends!!! So I have been trying my hand at sewing baby gifts!!! They are way too fun and addicting! This weekend was a baby shower for my dear friend Cris. She is pregnant with her third child. Her first two are boys and this one is a girl!!!!! As you can imagine, this shower was filled with pink! Baby Larkin in going to be one spoiled little girl (as it should be!!)

This is what I created for Little Miss Larkin!!

Now, it was my FIRST time making a bib and a burp cloth - just keep that in mind and don't inspect too closely! I have made 2 more bibs since and they turned out MUCH better!!!!

My new favorite this to make is sensory blankets! I have made them in all different sizes with a variety of fabric types. My obsession for ribbon has come in handy with these!!!!

This is a small burp cloth!

And this one could be a lap blanket or a larger burp rag or a changing blanket! Whatever it is they need at the moment!!!
I cannot tell you how much fun I am having while I learn how to sew! Stay tuned for more sewing goodness in the next few weeks!!!

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