Scrapbooker's worst nightmare!

My fellow scrappers will completley understand why I am STILL kicking myself and muttering curse words under my breath. I completed a scrapbooking sin yesterday. I took Kennedy to her 2nd parade and forgot the memory card in my camera. I know. I am hanging my head in humilation and shame. And the worst part is I was taking photos of Kennedy and her nephew for a good 30 minutes before I realized the card wasn't in the camera. You can bet this won't happen again any time soon!

But regardless of my camera misfortune we had an excellent time! The weather was PERFECT and Kennedy LOVED it! It was Old Settler's Weekend here in Olathe. Very fun parade with all the junior highs and high schools participating. It was fun to watch current and former students. Kennedy of course loved the bands and music and danced her little tush off! And she was mesmerized by the many horses. "Horsey!" she kept saying! We got really close to a few and her mouth just dropped open! After the parade we were able to walk through the many booths and meander. We also got Kennedy finger printed and a photo taken in case we should ever need it.

Last night Jeff was supposed to go to the K-State game but his buddy backed out last minute. So we went to Jeff's company party instead. It was at Cool Crest and we had a great time. We had a grilled dinner and then got busy having fun. We took Kennedy to the arcade. She was able to ride a carousel and a small ride that simulated a roller coaster! She loved them! But she was most taken by the Dance Attack machines...or whatever you call those things! She was so intrigued by the floor that lit up! Finally we went go carting! And I have to admit it was my first time ever riding a go cart. Shameful - yes. I wait 28 years - why? I have no idea! But Kennedy had a great time watching the cars zoom by and I had a blast!

Today Jeff went to the Chief's game so Kennedy and I hung. We had a dance party as this seems to be her new favorite activity. Though reading is still #1! I even managed to do some scrapping during her nap! I am working on an autumn set for The Scrapbook Page. I am using the Gypsy Harvest line by Daisy D's! YUM! Next will be my inpsiration page for Designer Diaries!!!


Dana Tate said...

you look like you had a blast!

*k said...

danielle.. i can't believe you haven't been on a go-cart before now... girl you've been missing out!! shed the shame and put the pedal to the metal!

kennedy looks like she had a blast.. maybe you have a little dancer in your future! :)

MichelleLanning said...

oh my she sounds like alyson -- and she doesn't take "mommy is tired" as an excuse to stop!!!

She is gorgeous danielle!!!