Labor Day Weekend and a peak

I haven't been posting all of my new work online lately. Many calls are asking for never before seen work. I am really torn. I love sharing my stuff and getting that instant feedback from my friends. But I also want to get pubbed more. I go back and forth on this. So I just decided to show a tiny part of one of my latest! Just a corner. I love how it turned out - I was using the new Cosmo Cricket line. YUM!

Aren't those pups too cute?! We went to Iowa for Labor Day weekend. The golden is my grandparent's dog and the brittany is my mom and her hubby's dog. They were observing the game of croquet in the front yard!

Speaking of croquet - here is Kennedy attempting to get into the game! :)

And this was her playing Grandpa Randy's harmonica! What a hoot! While in Des Moines I sewed Kennedy her first outfit. I had picked a pattern that read 'Easy to Sew" and gotten some cute orange velour. I brought my sewing machine with me all the way to Iowa! So my mother and grandmother helped me make Kennedy's little jumper. It was SO much harder than I had imagined. But I hope to make more.

We also went to Fort Dodge to visit Grandpa Doug and Grandma Jodie. We did some major relaxing! In fact, Jodie and I never got out of our pajamas! :) The photos are of Kennedy hanging in the back yard with Grandpa. Jodie was kind enough to let us take home 2 beautiful Hosta plants from her yard and a huge container of Wandering Jew. Yippee!!!!

So it was back to the grind this week. A nice 4 day week but a busy, stressful week for me. Another migraine. Gosh I hate those things.


MichelleLanning said...

I wanna see more!!!

Love that doggie pic!!!

I am so jealous -- I want to make something for Alyson (that she can wear) --- hats off to you girl!!!


Dana Tate said...

beautiful dress!
Okay...you are gonna have to start emailim me your work...i miss seeing it!

Julie said...

I wanna see more to. I love your pages and miss seing them.

love all the pics too.