Where did March go????

Gosh time flies...really it does. I can barely remember the calendar turning over to March and now it is April in 2 days. Sheesh....so here is a quick recap.

  • My student teacher is finished and I miss her terribly! I can't believe we never took a picture of us together!
  • We had Spring Break. Kennedy and I traveled to Iowa and made the rounds hitting lots of relatives!!!

  • Work is keeping me busy of course!!! The final quarter of the year is always hairy - the kids (and teachers) are so ready for summer!
  • I am enjoying creating things for MaryCroppins.com! Here are 2 I did for them using the new Scenic Route goodies!
  • I had a layout picked up by Scrapbook Trends for their Baby Issue! I am very thrilled because I haven't worked with them yet!!!
  • The weather has been so Spring-like lately! We have been spending lots of time outside!!!
Ok - off to bed! I am exhausted! But I will try to post again soon!!!


MichelleLanning said...

looks like you had fun!! And of course Kennedy is as cute as ever!

just me said...

oooo... ya didn't forget how to blog.. hehe :) missed ya.. sounds like you and miss K had fun! :) glad to see the scrappy thing is still going good for ya :)

Charley Madden said...

Hey!!! Your layouts are gorgeous as is Kennedy!!! Glad you had a great visit to Iowa...also so happy for you about SB Trends...sending you great big hus and smooches!!!!

sohpiasmom said...

Your layouts are so cool! Love your blog too :)