Bunny Eggs

Before I forget, I wanted to take a moment to write down some funny things that Kennedy is currently saying!
  • I like it! Water! I like it! Diggers! (I like it followed by whatever she likes!!!)
  • Mommy - I honey? (I call her my honey so she wants to make sure she is still my honey!)
  • I two! (holding up 2 fingers, usually!)
  • Woo-woo!! (calling Isabel the dog)
  • Aaahh boawd! Choo Choo! Chugga Chugga! (she breaks into this all the time, whether a train is near or not!)
  • Mommy - I guh girl? (Am I a good girl?!)
  • I yuh you! (I love you!)
  • sauce sauce (applesauce)
And here are some photos from this weekend's Easter Egg Hunt!!!! She is still talking about bunny eggs!!!!!
And here is my latest....using the YUMMY Scenic Route from MaryCroppins!


just me said...

I love the pictures of kennedy with the corn... too cute!!! I can't hardly get Mason to eat veggies!

You are in for a great year of new sayings... Mason is always saying..

I a good boy mama! or I wanna be a good boy! depending on what phase of bad boy-ness he is in :)

and WHOOO doesn't like Genievive and Choo Choo Soul! (I guess you are def the mom of a toddler if you know that one ;)

MichelleLanning said...

Hey didn't you do a layout of Kenna with her corn -- she sure loves that!!

She is getting so big - really stretching out!!!

Beautiful pictures!

Dana Tate said...

love that two pager...she is getting soooooo big. I totally enjoyed reading her jargon!

Charley Madden said...

Danielle, Kenna is getting soooo big and she really is a pretty little thing isn't she? Love these awesome photos and loved hearing the things she says....

Charley Madden said...
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