The Wiggles and Pump It Up!

In scrappy news, I am so excited to be joining the gals at Mary Croppins for 2 months as a guest designer!!!! Thanks so much Kelly and Hera!

This is my latest layout for Designer Diaries. It is a hybrid layout using a digit kit from 2 Peas made my Rhonna Farrer. Yum!!! This layout is SO much cuter in person!!!!

We have had lots of fun as a family lately! We went to see The Wiggles Live and went to a birthday party at Pump It Up!!!! Plus, the weather this week has been in the 60s so far so Kennedy has loved being outdoors!!!

Playing at Pump It Up

Yes, that is a bruise on her cheeck! She is fearless!

Playing outside today!

Singing me a song!
The new Wiggle - SAM

The Wiggle's Big Red Car

Kennedy singing "Do the Monkey"
Sitting right next to the stage....


Julie said...

Love the pages here. Sweet pics too.

Dana Tate said...

looks like you have been having loads of fun! I love her cute litle outfits.

MichelleLanning said...

oh - she looks like she was having a blast!!!
Loving her cute outfits!

Kelly said...

That layout is beautiful! Very creative- looks like ya'll had fun at the wiggles show- your dd is so cute in those pics as she's watching!