We have been soooo busy lately! I just wanted to share some photos of what we have been up to recently!

For Labor Day we visited Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead - one of Kennedy's favorite places! I just loved this photo of her! I know it isn't in great focus, but I still love it!

This last weekend was Old Settler's Day in our town. It is a 3 day long festival with lots of fun stuff to do and yummy things to eat! We volunteered to walk in the parade with our wonderful church. Jeff handed out water to spectators. I pulled Kennedy in the wagon. I really thought she would love it and get into waving at people. Nope. She didn't ever realize she was in a parade! She spent the ENTIRE time using her wipes to clean! She cleaned her entire body, her shoes, the wagon and everything in the wagon! Goofy girl!

Of course all great kid events have carnival rides! And Kennedy is fearless so she wanted to do them all! She rode a bunch and didn't want to leave!

Riding the fishy!!

Going down the HUGE slide with Daddy!

Riding a zebra on the carousel!
The alligator roller coaster - I think it was her favorite!
I loved this shot of the ferris wheel. And yes - she rode this one with Daddy too!

That's all for now! I will be back on again with more photos!!! :)


Making Memories Last 4 Ever said...

Such cute pictures , very colorful ! Love her expression on the coaster !

michelle lanning said...

Her hair is so long - she is just precious!

Danielle said...

I love the second pic from the bottom!! Her hair has gotten so long! She's adorable!

Lynn/annasmom said...

Love her pic on the coaster! Great expression!