Holiday Photos!!!

We had 4 holiday celebrations this year!! So I won't post all the photos today!! ;)

We hosted the Holsapple get together at our home again this year. We had lasagna and lots of yummy desserts! I had fun playing around with my portrait mode!!!

My cute dh!!!
no flash
portrait mode
ISO 1600

Jeff and his sister, Kate


ISO 1600

No flash

Portrait mode

Kennedy and cousin Michael


ISO 1600

no flash

Great Grandpa Henry


Kennedy got a super fancy grocery store check out/cash register! She is learing about which foods are grains, fruits and veggies!

Back with more holiday photos later!


Jenney said...

You got some great portrait shots of people!!

leibetty said...

overall I think they are great photos :) - not that I am an expert or anything, but you said you didn't care for the coloring or thought it was "off" - they do look a little yellow, but a lot do like that "warm glow" - personally I prefer a cooler pic :) you might try monkeying around with the white balance on your camera :)

Janet said...

Love the expressions you caught on their faces.

kristy.lynn said...

can't wait to see more pictures!

Jane said...

I think they look great a little light but that could be from the light in the house..the one of great grandfather has better coloring..was the lighting different? otherwise they are really wonderful Danielle!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

awe what fun pictures Danielle! Can't wait to see more - I wanna see that tummy!

Julie said...

love the pics Danielle. Looks like missy K is getting to be a big girl now.

tonya said...

very nice lighting, I like how you didn't use the flash.

cherie said...

Very nice expressions you captured. I think the lighting looks like it was the lighting in the house not you messing up. the last one the lighting seems fine.

Kindy said...

Wonderful photos looks like yall had a great christmas!!

gilmoregirl75 said...

Cute shots, I like how you captured the moment in the third photo.

Nancy said...

Very cute. Some great fun photos.