1st haircut and Holiday Portrait

So - what do you think?! The photo is one we got last night of Miss Kennedy! We went to Portrait Innovations to get her holiday shots done! Of course the best photo ended up being one that didn't have the holiday background! But I don't care! She looks so grown up to me! (The above photo is a scan of the original - so it is pretty muted!)

Last week we took Kennedy to get her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER!!!! Yes, she is 32 months and we had NEVER cut her hair! Not once! So we decided to make a big deal out of it and we took her to a place called Shear Madness! It was such a cool place!!!! It is specifically for kids - tons of fun things to look at and bright colors and fun music! Instead of sitting in seats the kids choose a car to sit in (or jeep or truck, etc) Kennedy chose a 1950's inspired teal car!!!! They have individual TV screens for them as well with a variety of movies to choose from. Kennedy chose to watch "Thomas the Train." She was so good through the whole thing - fully cooperative!!!

Here is a before shot! (Really, she was happy!)

Midway through the hair cut! In full driving mode!

And afterward! She is checking herself out in the mirror!!!!

We just took the dead ends off so the length isn't too different! Even though I can tell!!!

Below are two card that I am really happy with. They both appeared in the November issue of CARDS magazine. :)

Have a great week!!!


Monica said...

LOVE that photo!!!

We also took Evan to Shear Madness for his first cut. Course he was only 11 months but still it was a blast and I love those photos!

Anonymous said...

Cute Portrait! Love the haircutting thing! What a great idea! Cards are great!

Danielle said...

She is soooo adorable!!
My dd is about the same age and she has no where near the amount of hair!! We are hair challenged! HA
Too cute! Congrats on your cards pubs too!

Raechelle said...

What a pretty photo! She looks so cute getting her haiorcut! What a fun place to go.
Your cards are great! Congrats!

Chrys said...

love the pics!!!! cute cards!!!

Nicole said...

Adorable pics! We have a place like that here that my son LOVES to get his hair cut at. Love those cards!

Molly said...

Hey there, Danielle! Adorable photos! I have something up my sleeve, and I hope you are able to participate (and I don't want Janelle to find out...hence going on the blog search...lol!)

Ok, all, Janelle's bday is on Thursday!!!! EEEKKK! I know that this is a crazy time of year, but I was thinking that maybe we could just make her a card (heck, use one of her card sketches for that, right! :D) and post it on Thursday, for her? She hates that her bday is so close to Christmas, so this would make it extra special for her. Believe me, I totally understand if you can't, as this is the holidays, and, I am, of course, last minute, but I thought I would put it out there! :) Thanks, everyone, and have a Merry Christmas!

If you have any questions, email me at molly@scrappersdailydose.com

We are posting the cards at CSD on Thursday and anywhere else, too!