Not much new....

We still have the sickies around here. Not much new.
We have a snow day today so I am playing with my actions!!
Here is Kennedy rocking out on her Barbie guitar!!!!

Lately she has been REALLY into brushing her teeth...she wants to do it alllll the time!!! I guess it is a good habit!

And just some sweet photos of reading with daddy!!!

Hope you all are well!!!!!


Anonymous said...

cutie patootie with that guitar! I love all the pink! :)

Ashley Harris said...

Hope you are getting better! That guitar is cute. May be a good bday present for DD.

Michelle Lanning said...

oh I like the black and white one of her brushing such a cutie!

Molly said...

I hope that you all are feeling better soon, Danielle!
P.S.Tagged ya! :D