Things are a changin!!

Oh my! Nesting mode has hit me HARD!!! I have torn the 2 bedrooms upstairs apart and am "kinda freaking out" according to my husband!! I didn't nest like this with Kennedy so it has taken us both by surprise!!!

But first, here is my latest card. I am pretty pleased with it! I am loving the Making Memories Noteworthy line!
And I just have to share this rather creepy photo of Kennedy. Over the last few weeks she has been into making this face. And she even wants to do it to Jeff and my faces! She said "You're eyes are bleeding!!!" Where she picked this up I have no idea!!!!!
Also, I have gotten out all the old infant onesies and jammies Kennedy used to wear and washed them! Oh memories!! I also got a few new onesies and made a few cute lil shirts. Just used some fun iron ons! You can see them below! I hope they are gender neutral enough for either sex!!!

And I got a "little" crafty! I sewed some buttons on Kennedy's shirt in the shape of a heart! I know, I know...not very impressive - but I was proud of myself anyway!!!!
And some of you have been asking to see photos of Kennedy's new big girl room! It is still definitely a work in progrees but here are a few peeks.
The dresser below is identical to mine as a kid...we just used pink knobs instead!!!
I bought lots of organizational stuff for her closet! I love organizers! These pink and green ones match her walls perfectly!!!
And here is a shot of one of her walls and her new sheets. We hand painted the scallops! The Princess is a rub on I found at Target! Love Target! And I am in love with her polka dot sheets! She has the matching duvet cover but her comforter is being dry cleaned right now. What do you think???
Just over a week until our new little one joins us! Hard to believe we will soon be a family of four!!!


Julie said...

love kennedy's new room danielle. Hope all goes well with the baby next week.

Christi Snow said...

Wow! You have been busy!!! Be sure to put your feet up too. I LOVE that card...just absolutely gorgeous! smiles...

Dana Tate said...

those onies are adorable!!!!

Michelle said...

LOVE Kennedy's big girl room!! We are in the middle of getting Madison's all ready!!
The onesies are adorable...might have to try some myself!!
And of course your card is beautiful! Really really pretty.
Can't wait to see your new little bundle! I can't believe you are so close! How exciting.

Take care and don't over do it girl!! ;)

LisaW said...

Your card is beautiful Danielle!

And I'm sorry to say...but I've seen much cuter pictures of Kennedy. :)

scrappy77 said...

OMG I love the scallops! That must have taken a long time! I love the onsies! I may have to make a few of those myself!! Rest up this week!

Heather said...

love the card, and love the big girl room- the countdown is on! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

beautiful Danielle -- that oic of Kenna is so silly!

LOVE the scallops -- I may be using that idea!

And the onesies are adorable!

kristy.lynn said...

OMG! Danielle... those onsies are too too cute! and Kennedy's shirt... hello! awesome! so so sweet. i'm totally loving that card. i swear, if i could just chanel my inner danielle i would never BUY a card again! you are just so stinkin' talented girl! i LOVE kennedy's room. those scallops are just TOO TOO precious! that had to have been soo time consuming, but the outcome, totally worth it!

YEA!!! a new baby... I cannot WAIT! I can hardly stand it, and i'm not even near!!!!!!!! :)

Danielle said...

Such a cute room!!! Can't wait to hear your baby news!!

Kim Ryden said...

You would sew buttons on a shirt, wouldn't you?! You shall now be known as the "Button Queen"!