I did it!

Whew! Well, I finally took the plunge and started a "real" blog! Seems like everyone's doing it, huh? TIme I hop on the bandwagon! Thanks to my friend Dana for getting hers goin - she really gave me a kick in the pants to start mine!

So about me and right now....where to start? I am up late trying to finish my entries for the My Mind's Eye Design Team Call. Yet here I am. Starting my blog. Great. I reallly am almost done though. And positively tickled with the things I created! So while I will be let down if I don't make it, I honestly think these are some of my best work yet! Here is one of them.....
Gosh I love that photo of my dearest girl! And her puppy pal, too!


Dana Tate said...

good luck..they would be silly not to pic you. Your stuff is amazing

Laura2 (lhc2266) said...

Just had to check your blog out, and let me say, WOW!! I love everything you have done here, and wish you the best of luck. You have amazing talent. I love all of your lo's, and you are a constant inspiration to me. Have a great weekend!!!