A whole week!!!!

I have been SO bad at keeping up with this. I honestly thought it would be easy to stay on top of but I was so wrong!!!!

Last weekend my mother and her husband came for a visit. We took Kennedy to Deanna Rose Children's Farm. It is the BEST place for kids! All sorts of animals and exhibits! We have been twice this summer and she loves it!!! She really seems to enjoy animals!

<------ Meeting baby goats at Deanna Rose Children's Farm! We also had to go swimming! This is one of Kennedy's favorite summertime activities! She is just a little fish - and not scared of anything. She has a great time in the baby pool but LOVES to be pulled around in the big pool! She swims on her tummy and kicks her legs, loves to be thrown and bounced and enjoys watching the other kids play! --------------------------------->

This week we did the usual...lots of backyard play, lots of book reading, some shopping, a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes' house. I took her to the mall Tuesday and she rode the carousel for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it - she wasn't scared at all! She knew to hang on to the poll coming out of the horses neck! She loved looking around while going up and down! Today we went back to Leawood for the kiddie concert. She actually clapped along for the first song but then just wanted to explore again! This afternoon her Grandpa Lou, Auntie Kate and cousins Logan and Elijah came to go swimming with her.

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Dana Tate said...

Wow..you guys do so much during the day....sounds like your summer is really fun!