3 new words!

Kennedy and I are still having a blast together this summer!!! And she said 2 new words yesterday!!! We have beenblowing bubbles a lot lately and she said "Bubbles!" It is now a favorite word! She also can point to her nose when asked and say "Nose!"
While in Iowa, Ryan and Lindsay swore that Kennedy said "owl" when looking at a photo of an owl. I doubted it. But in our animal book, when we get to the page of the owl she says it!!! She even "Hooooo"ed for me once today. :) My smart girl!!
We are enjoying the break in the heat and spend LOTS of time outdoors!

And every once in a while we get a little overtired!!! But she is still darn cute, isn't she?!?

And as a side note......

I have 2 SUPER EXCITING scrap-enings happening!! Neither of which I can share as of yet! But I am bursting to tell someone!!!!! :) :)


*k said...

your such a teaser! :)

Julie said...

you are definately a big teaser. Tell me I won't tell a sole you did.{LOL}

Dana Tate said...

I am a bit miffed your not sharring...i hate being teased...but whatever they are I am excited for you

Martha :) said...

YOU KNOW I can keep a secret!!!!!!! :)

Sherrise said...

WOw! Can't wait to hear you big secret scrapnews!

And Kennedy is adorable, no matter what mood she's in!