Catch up...

Of course I have been bad at keeping up. AGAIN. Life is hectic and I am not even back to work yet!

Last weekend we had a family reunion on Jeff's side in Colby, KS. It was nice to see all his family again and meet a few new members! Kennedy was a superb traveler (it was a 6 hour drive both ways). She also warmed up to everyone RIGHT away! She especially loved all the men! She would take on of her books, walk up to any man, hand them the book and try to sit on their lap! Pretty darn cute! Here is a photo of the group! For three days this week I am watching a friend's two kids. It has been a change to have three kids around but they are super sweet and fun! Today we went to a kid's event at the Gap at the Legends. There was face painting, a puppet show, give aways and music. Kennedy was really interested in about the first 5 minutes of the puppet show! I have been working on one of my "under wraps" scrappenings! And I have been having a great time. I absolutely CANNOT wait to share the news with all of you!! I am bursting!!! I also got an *awesome* guest DT kit from www.scrappingwithpaper.com. Very yummy and I have started an altered project with it! Hope to share it soon! Oh and my 11 pubs in Ready, Set, Create came out this week! It was really fun to see my work be recognized!!! And I think Kate was tickled that Logan was in it!

One last thing - thanks to all my pals that shared their thoughts on my SR entries!!! I am now having doubts about even sending it in even though it would be a DREAM! But anyway, the name I pulled out was..... ANNA!!!!!!! You will be getting some fun paper from me!!! Thanks again gals!


MichelleLanning said...

You better not back out! You need to do it -- you are so talented!!!!

*k said...

danielle.. sounds like the fam renunion was a blast.. glad kennedy fell right into place (it's hard when the don't!)
congrads on all the good scrap stuff you got goin on.. i sware i don't know how you do it!!!! :)