Back from vacation!!!!

It feels as if I have been gone for a VERY long time! I am wiped out from so much traveling! Kennedy and I went up to Iowa the last week in June to stay with my family in Des Moines. My mom and grandparents helped take care of Kennedy while I finished my comps! I can't believe I am FINALLY done with my Master's Degree. That was 3 very long years of studying!

Kennedy loved staying at Grandma's house that week! They got a sandpile and pool especially for her visit! And new toys for the house, too! She was in heaven with all the fun things and the attention! She got tons of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Grandpa Randy helped her learn to play the harmonica! And we took lots of walks down to the playground! I did some shopping with mom and got some great clothes for work. It was so nice to have another person there to help me pick out clothes!

After about 4 days, Jeff came up to Iowa and met us. We all 3 went up to Storm Lake next. We stayed for about 3.5 days at the lake house. Tons of family was there and it was a blast! Kennedy was in love with the lake and jumping off the dock!!! Having the water right out the back door was exciting for her! She got to meet her cousin Ben and play with her cousin Joe. She had her first snow cone and saw her first parade. She was very tired the night of the July 4th fireworks and wasn't too interested! She wanted to sleep instead! Kennedy even had her first boatride! But again, she was kind a tired and hardly even noticed we were on the water! It started to rain at the very end of the trip, too! So we made a tent with towels and all huddled under them!
I will update later with the REST of our trip!! :)

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