What a gorgeous day it was today! It reached 68 degrees and was sunny. Perfect! We went to the Lander's to eat with the family. Yum! Kennedy has had a cold and not been feeling well. But she was sweet as can be, patient and cute! She loved chasing the birds and squirrels outdoors! And playing with dad's cell phone!

I recently found out about a wonderful photo editing program and have had so much fun playing with my photos! What do you think?!

I have also had a chance to do some altering! I made a fun door hanger for Kennedy's room and am working on altering a cookie sheet! Too fun! Hope to share them soon!


Anonymous said...

The pics look sweet Danielle. Glad you had a great day.

MichelleLanning said...

Kennedy is getting so big -- she is adorable -- great pics!

Anonymous said...

stinkin' blogger... it's kristy... it won't let me post under my own name.. soooo..

cute pictures :) glad your turkey day was a good one!