Garage Sale Season Has Begun!!!!

Anyone who knows me well know that I love a good bargain! And where else can you find amazing bargains but Garage Sales!?!?! Since Kennedy was born I have become a PRO at hitting the right sales! I go through the classifieds the night before and have a "map" of where we are going! This weekend was great but next weekend will be even better! It is our home associations garage sale and it is HUGE!!!

This weekend all three of us hit the sales and Kennedy and Daddy got some goodies! Kennedy got some Disney princess dress up outfits and some play jewelry! She would put every piece on, say "I pretty?!" and then take every piece off. And repeat it! We also found an outdoor, Fisher Price basketball hoop and we only paid $3!!!! It is still a tad bit tall for Kennedy, but if she stands on the deck stairs she can reach!! Jeff found a power washer and only paid $10 for it! But it has rained so much he hasn't been able to try it out! But the best buy was a Little Tikes backyard playground for Kennedy! It is in excellent condition! It has tunnels, a look out area and 2 slides! We haven't been able to pick it up yet due to the rain, but I will show you all a photo when we get it! We were also able to hit the park which is ALWAYS a huge hit!
While at the park, I asked her if she could sit on the rocks so I could get her picture. She said "Yes!" and here is the shot I got!!! And no, I didn't pose her - she came up with this herself!Saturday night our neighboor had her high school graduation party. We had a lot of fun chatting with the neighbors and enjoying the outdoors! Kennedy was able to "jump" on the trampoline with the big kids! She thought she was hot stuff!

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day. After Kennedy went down for the night I was able to make a card and write out the journaling to one layout. I hope all my scrappy friends had a day filled with ink, glue and Bazzill!!!

I also want to take a moment to jot down a few cute things Kennedy has said and done this weekend!
  • When she needs her diaper changed she used to say "I stinky " This weekend it turned into "I stinky winky!" Hmmm....could this mean she is ready for potty training?! ;)
  • When asking her usual questions of "I honey, Mommy?" "I good guhl, Mommy?" she decided to throw in "Mommy, I smart?"
  • While in the check out line at the grocery store she decided to belt out at the top of her lungs The Wiggles song "Fruit Salad!"
  • She was very interested in the baking and helped with lots of stirring. And sometimes we would blurt out "Bate, bate, chocolate!" from Dora the Explorer!
  • Friday night she ate two entire pieces of corn on the cob. She is a true Midwestern girl!
And finally, today at daycare Kennedy ran into the corner of a table. She got her first black eye! I am honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner! She is a TOTAL dare devil!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!


P.J said...

WOW!! what a weekend!
I LOVE garage sales too...and household sales...so fun and i LOVE a bargain!! WOW on the hoop!! We have one of those for Matthew but Grandma bought it!! ;)
The playground thing sounds AWESOME! We are hunting for a new playground for our kids...they are expensive though...must check the garage sales!
Kennedy is so cute...she is just talking up a storm! Madison has really started to talk A LOT too...and say funny cute things...i LOVE this age...so fun!
Glad to hear you had a good weekend full of bargains and a little scrapping!

Michelle [mshell}

Charley Madden said...

Wow...you guys had a fun weekend and lucky you with all your garage sale finds....I love bargains too but I don't like to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to go..lol...poor thing with her eye!!! She really is a cutie!!!

MichelleLanning said...

oh danielle - you got such great deals - wish mike liked to go! The pictures that you took are adorable! She looks tooo cute! even with her poor little eye!!

Dana Tate said...

i wish i had the art for garage sales..i never do well with them. My kennedy is always singing
"bate, bate choclolate" it is one of our favs..too fun.

Julie said...

love the pics Danielle. Your little lady is growing up so quickly.

scrappy77 said...

WOw you found some great deals! I love bargains like that! Joe and I went before we got our house and we found some great things for his garage and the yard. Love reading all the cute things Kennedy is saying! How fun and it's great that you are writing it all down!
Have a great rest of the week!

kristy.lynn said...

wow danielle... kennedy is getting so big! i always want to be a garage saler... but can't get myself up early enough for the good stuff! :)

sorry about kennedy's black eye... poor girl!!!