Little Tikes Dream!

It's here! Grandpa Jim and Daddy picked up the new playset and brought it home tonight! Kennedy was in heaven! :) Be prepared for photo overload!
Jeff's friend was going to throw away the Radio Flyer tricycle below b/c the rear wheel had been run over. So Jeff took it, ordered a new wheel, and it is good as new! Kennedy is a tad too short for it right now, but she still loved it and kept saying "Its MY bike!"
And.....Jeff and I both ordered new running shoes. And mine came today!!!! So now I have a really good reason to get back into running! I can't wait to try them out this weekend! There is nothing like a new pair of shoes!


Dana Tate said...

that is an amazing play set. very very very cool.
Have fun in your new kicks.

Charley Madden said...

Wow!!! Can't believe you got that for such a great price!!! I can see lots of hours spent on that this summer....great shoes!!!!!

scrappy77 said...

What a nice play set! Even has two slides! Very cool! Love getting new shoes! Enjoy them! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

MichelleLanning said...

oh - I love it danielle - I bet kennedy is super excited about it! And I love the old skool tricycle -- perfecto!

kristy.lynn said...

okay.... i totally want your backyard!!!!!! I can't believe how GREEN your grass is!!! :)

Great playset. you are such a bargain getter!! :)

P.J said...

OK...that playset is AWESOME!! My kids would LOVE that!
I bet Kennedy is having a blast on it!
CUTE CUTE tricycle!! Matthew has one like that too...i love it!

I just started running...i am "learning" how...doing the "From the couch to 5K" program!! I am on week 2 and things are going well! I can't wait to get new running shoes!! Your look so cool :)