Deanna Rose Children's Farm

A little over a week ago we went to Deanna Rose Children's Farm. I have been meaning to share the photos but just finally got around to it! Kennedy had a blast and is not afraid of ANY animal whatsoever!!! I think we will be making many trips there this summer!
Nothing else too exciting here. Here is a little recap of my last few days:
  • I called the cops yesterday on some guy who was driving next to me drinking a beer. They had me follow him until they pulled him over! {Citizen's arrest!!!!!} I just will not tolerate people who drive under the influence.
  • Kennedy got locked in the van yesterday with the keys inside. While picking her up from daycare, she and Jada were playing in the front seats pretending to drive while Debbie and I chatted. They must have hit the lock button on the doors. So we got ready to leave, I strapped Kennedy into her seat, closed the door and walked to the driver's door. Locked. My heart dropped and I almost panicked and freaked. But thank goodness my father-in-law is a locksmith! He was there in a flash to free Kennedy! I was more traumatized than Kennedy - she never knew anything was wrong!
  • Not being a morning person AT ALL it was all the more astonishing that I was able to get up before work and go walking!!!! I am so proud of myself!
  • While eating dinner on the deck this evening, Kennedy was making note of all the birds flying around. Then, out of nowhere, she made a pouty face and said "Shut up!" I almost fell out of my chair!!! I wanted to laugh but held it in and told her we didn't talk like that. Not 2 minutes later she commented on the noisy birds and told them to "shut up!" again! I think she must have picked this fun little phrase up from daycare because we really watch what we say around her! Either way, the look on her face and her seriousness were totally priceless!

Also thought I would share some silly photos of Kennedy playing in the yard. She loves to be clothesless, which is really too bad considering the ungodly amount of cute clothing her mother has gotten her! ;) She was having great fun throwing the basketball over the edge of the deck and then running all the way around to go get it. For those of you that haven't seen our back yard, she had to run pretty far!
Have a great day friends!


scrappy77 said...

Wow you have had an eventful week already! :) OMG I would have called the police as well on that guy! How scarey!
Good thing your FIL was able to come to your rescue!
My 5 year old students use those words every so often too! It funny because the other kids right away come tell me that their friend has used a bad word! Hopefully Kennedy will remember to not use those words! ;)

MichelleLanning said...

OMG Danielle - LOVE those flower pics of K - her cute lil face - adorable!

And MY you have been busy - yay that you went for a walk -BEFORE school!

And Shut up - LOL!! Isn't it terrible that we think it is cute - love it - she will learn!

And Alyson too loves to be nekked - ah to be free like that!!

Dana Tate said...

great pics. looks like she loved all the animals..i loved all your little stories. I have done that keys in the car thing myself..

kristy.lynn said...

i love the picture Danielle... esp the one of kennedy eye to eye w/ the goose (?)..

how funny she likes to be clothes free... mason... he always wants them on, and i try to get away w/ none so i have less laundry!!!

Charley Madden said...

Love this entry...love to learn about all the little tidbits in your life. kudos for calling the cops...can't stand people endangering the lives of others. I have locked Garrett in the car about three times and Grant twice...lol...The first time I locked Garrett he wasn't even a year old and he thought it was great fun...played the whole time we were waiting for the locksmith...I of course was crying...thank goodness it was December...