Fabulous Fall Weather!!

The weather was PERFECT this weekend and we spent tons of time outdoors! And of course I took tons of photos! Just wanna share some of Sunday. It was Great Grandpa Henry's 92nd birthday party and all the family came. The kids loved watching/helping Gpa open his presents! The park also has a wonderful playgound where the kiddos played and played! And no party is complete without balloons!!!! It was a great afternoon!! Happy 92nd Henry!!!!!

I also just want to jot down a few funny things that Kennedy is doing lately!

  • She ran in the house one day and said "Mommy - I am sick. I need medicine." Then she made herself cough!
  • The next day it was "It hurts right here" and she pointed to her throat. Then she made herself cough again!
  • EVERY DAY she says "Guess what Mama? Grandma, Papa Randy and Roxie are coming!!" They haven't visited since Labor Day but she is SURE they are coming back soon!
  • She tries to share everything she eats! "Mommy - do you want some?!" Sweet girl!
  • If Daddy is mowing the lawn, she has to run outside too! She grabs her play mower and walks the yard!!
  • She takes her bug catcher - looks like a butterlfy net -and puts it on her head! Then she says "I'm a Pirate Ship!"
  • She wants us to "tip toe" with her! But we have to walk on our HEELS - NOT our toes!!!
  • Lately, if we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, she will say "I don't. (insert request) is for babies!" Some things that are for babies (according to her) are cereal, forks, spoons, diapers and other odd things!
  • And for the last week or so she has been melting my heart every morning! When I go to leave for work, she says, "No Mommy. I want you to stay wif me." I sure wish I could!


Yuyis said...

very nich shots! I really like the one where she's holding the balloon..

scrappy77 said...

Wow great grandpa looks great for 92! You got some great picturs this weekend too!!

Michelle Lanning said...

Wow - happy 92! that is awesome!

And Kenna is so cute - looks and sounds like you had a good time!

cherie said...

great shots to remeber the day ! your daughter is sure a cutie. love the shot of her and the ballon. very nice

Jane said...

These are great shots!!!

Monica said...

Awesome awesome shots!!! LOVE them!

LOVE that you recorded Kennedy's sayings and doings! I need to do that with Evan.

Anonymous said...

So glad ya'll had such a wonderful time together. I love the shot of Kennedy picking flowers!

Raechelle said...

Cute pics of Kennedy and I just love how you listed all the fun things she is doing!
Your Gpa looks amazing for 92!

Mindy said...

I love the top one! The way your son? is looking at his grandpa is so cool.. draws your eye right over there! They are all wonderful shots!! Good work!

heather taylor photography said...

Oh, she is such a doll! Seriously... one of the cutest little girls around! :) I love the shots with the balloons and flowers!

pixelchick said...

She's so adorable..i love the one with the balloon and where shes hanging from the bars...and what a great day overall!!

kristy.lynn said...

your photography is improving so greatly! you rock girl! I love the one of kennedy on the monkey bars!!

I hope you are doing well!! :)