Trying to Catch UP!

Like I said last post, I am so behind editing photos it isn't funny! Here are a few from our trip to Iowa a few weekends ago! We had to visit Howell's Farm - it has become a yearly tradition!

Climbing bails with Uncle Wyan (Ryan)!Posing in the Howell's sign! Last year she was too short to stand there alone! Not this year!
THE cutest couple ever - Ry and Lindsay!
Corn surfing as I like to call it!
And of course, you have to get buried in the corn - just like sand!
And I think I may have about 75 other shots of Kennedy feeding goats, but hey, what is ONE more?!
We also made the trip to Iowa City to see Ralph's World in concert!!! Kennedy just loves music!
We got to the concert before anyone (to use the restroom really!). Ralph was already waiting to greet kids! We got Kennedy's photo taken with him - she was being QUITE shy! He also signed a shirt for her!

When the music started the kids were dancing in the aisles. Well, that wasn't good enough for Kennedy! The brave lil soul ran RIGHT up to the front of the stage and started groovin! I had to run down there and pull her aside! Well, Ralph must have noticed because after that song, he said all the kids could come down front and dance! So she spent most of the concert dancing in the "mosh pit!" I still am amazed at how brave she is - dancing among all the BIG kids with the music BLARING! And for the last few songs, all the kids got to go on stage and dance!!!! So Kennedy and Papa Randy went up!And here we are afterward! (Can you see my lil belly?!) We went to the Amana's on the way home and ate the most delicious Amish meal!
I also want to thank you all for sending your well wishes and prayers this last week for my (and baby's) surgery! All went well and we both are recovering well! A HUGE thanks to my dear sweet husband for waiting on my hand and foot for three days. AND for spending the night in hospital with me. :) And a thank you to my family up in IA for watching Kennedy so I could recover. I missed her terribly but I know she had a blast!


scrappy77 said...

Corn surfing looks like fun!! Kennedy is so big and cute! Your belly looks cute, you look great! Take care and have a good week!

michelle lanning said...

Danielle - LOVE your lil ol baby bump - and kenna looks darling - her outfits - too cute -- I love the corn surfing the best - great pics!

cherie said...

so glad that both you and baby are doing fine. love the pic of Kennedy buried int he corn.these are great, looks like a fun place!

Monica said...

this looks so fun! I'm soooo glad all went well! I'm sure kennedy missed you too, but had a blast with family. Keep these coming! maybe you'll inspire me to get some of mine loaded!

Jane said...

great shots and looks like a lot of fun!!! like the corn surfing shots!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you and the baby are doing well and the surgery was a success! Looks like ya'll had a great weekend! Love the "buried in corn" pic!

pixelchick said...

Okay all of these are great but that one of Kennedy covered in corn..so cute!

Lanee Weiterman said...

Sounds like all of you had fun on your trip (especially Kennedy). She's getting so big and she looks a lot like you!

pdxscrappinmamma said...

Oh my gosh, how fun to go "corn surfing". Never seen such a thing!

kristy.lynn said...

ok.. your little belly is TOO CUTE! I'm sorry I missed out that you were having surgery but I'm glad you are all well! :)

I love the pictures of kenna! I would love to go corn surfing! that looks like SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!

I can't wait to see kenna in her costume! :)