Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did! We had TWO Thanksgiving dinners! YUM! And we learned that Kennedy LOVES pumpkin pie!

I got some more good scrappy news this week! I was chosen for the design team at Card Studio Designs!!! I am so thrilled to be working with the talented Janelle Richmond!!! The site is brand new so we are still working out kinks and getting sponsors lined up. But watch for new things in the next few months! The card below is one I made for them!

Last Friday Kennedy got to spend the night at MeMa's house while Daddy and Mommy went out with a group from church! Can you tell she is excited to go!?
The next set of photos are so fun if you have ever heard Kennedy sing! She has a book that is a version of "If You're Happy and You Know It." She loves to sing and do the actions along with it! So just try to imagine her singing! (And HERE is a link to her beloved book!)

Monday the weather was FABULOUS!!!!! In the 70s!!! So we just had to play outside when we got home! Kennedy was trying to get a bug to crawl up on her hands!!!! It never worked but she tried for a long time!

Then she was playing behind the big pine tree up by the house. She ran into a spider web and this is the face she gave me! So she can touch bugs but not spider webs I guess!

Wednesday we got snow! Kennedy and I were at the mall and when we left it was a huge surprise to see snow! She was a bit confused at first "Mommy , is it raining?" I told her it was snow and as soon as we got into the car she announced 'Mommy - its winter!!!!" We got home and she had to run and tell Daddy right away that it was winter, too! :)

That's all for know!!! Have a fab week everyone!


michelle lanning said...

she is such a brave girl!! Totally adorable pictures danielle!

kristy.lynn said...

kenna is getting so big.. she is so stinkin adorable i swear!! i love her little faces!

hope you had a great holiday! :)