Quick Post!

Just a super quick post this time!!!
We had a super busy weekend last weekend. The photos of Kennedy crying show that we had kept her out and about tooo long! We were looking for a "big girl" bed for her and she was past nap time! Am I a bad mom for posting photos of my crying babe?!
Later that night we went out to search again and ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise. You can see Kennedy was REALLY getting into the music and had to dance a little at the booth!!! (We still don't have a bed)

The weather has really been so nice - such a mild fall! Most of our leaves have fallen so Kennedy and I went out to play in them last week! She loved helping me rake with her mini rake! And of course we all had to jump in the leaves - even Izzie! And she loved when I buried her!
(you can always click on the photo to enlarge it!)

I had our 24 week appt this week. All looks good. Baby is measuring on track, heart beat is good and I am up 7 lbs total. People keep telling me I look big and ask if I am sure it isn't twins! But my doc assures me everything is measuring perfect for ONE baby! This lil bugger is a lot like his/her sister - CONSTANTLY moving! I am getting poked and prodded a lot! Gotta love that feeling!

In scrappy news I had a card picked up for an article in an upcoming issue of Scrapbook Trends! I was very excited! The only bad thing was that I had already given the card to my dad and his wife!!! So they are going to mail it to the magazine for me! LOL! THANKS DAD!

Jeff and I are trying to "unclutter" the house! Last weekend we went through our closets and cleared out 4 huge trash bags of clothes and old towels! GEESH! Jeff moved a bunch of stuff from our garage attic to our office room attic. That was a big job! So we are freeing up a little space in the garage attic to replace with more stuff! LOL! But we want to have everything in order before baby #2 comes!

Hope to blog again soon with more photos of the week! Take care all!!!


michelle lanning said...

Danielle - I love that last photo of her in the leaves -- and you know I how I envy the nap thing!! And only 7lbs - that is fantastic - keep it up - or is it down??? LOL!!!

kristy.lynn said...

looks like kenna is having so MUCH fun in those leaves.... I sometimes wish i knew what that was like.... (ya.. then when the snow came... i'd be done with it!)

i'm glad you & baby are doing well :)

Monica said...

Ok first of all... GREAT leaf photos! You are getting so AWESOME! And yes it's ok to post crying photos. that is life right?

ok on to the pregnancy. I'm sooo glad to hear all is well! I keep hearing the same thing only mine is ... you are HUGE are you sure they got your due date right??? lol I'm still -2 lbs and not feeling a ton of movement. I'm so jealous! lol

Talk soon!

Emilie Ahern said...

You have so much pink in your life...just like me!