Quick post!

Life has been crazy and I have been sick....so I am VERY behind in posting! Just gonna share a few things!!
This is a photo I took with my new remote shutter! It was a lucky shot for sure! And I used my new actions on it!!!
My latest More Than Scrapbooking layout!

I am finally getting around to working on our Disney photos - just about 6 months LATE!!!!!

Later all!


kristy.lynn said...

pictures look awesome Danielle... sorry to hear you've been sick... hope you are doing well :)

cherie said...

very nice picture of you and your daughter. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Lindy Stamper said...

great pics!

You Make My Day

Michelle Lanning said...

Beautiful Danielle - love the one of you2!

Dana Tate said...

danielle you look stunning!!!!!