Yet Another Holiday Celebration!!!

I am slowly but surely making my way through the heeps of photos I took over the holiday!!! These are from the Janke Celebration!

We still had lots of snow but the sun came out!! While the adults hot tubed Kennedy played on her playset in her jammies! (I was kind enough NOT to post the photos of the hot tubers online!!)

One night we got out the quarters! It seems like it is a tradition - whenever we ALL get together we play quarters ALL night!!!! Kennedy didn't play of course, but you can see her playing with the *other* coins! She still thought she was playing with us!
By far the most enjoyed activity of the weekend was breaking out Dad's gift! He got PS2 and Guitar Hero!!!!!!! And we ALL loved it! We played WELL into the wee hours one night and Ry and Jeff played when there was a spare minute! Ryan was a master by the end of the visit! Days later Jeff and I went out and bought it and so did Lindsay and Ryan!!! I hope you all don't *kill* me for posting these hilarious photos of you in concentration modes!!!

Kennedy just had to have a go too! She sure thought she was playing along! But one time was enough for her!

I am still working at editing all our photos! So stay tuned for more!!!


kristy.lynn said...

LOL!!! I love the photos! Seems like that game was the hit of the Christmas season! Where's the pictures of you playing it??? :)

cherie said...

fun shots!!! seems everyone loves this game.

Julie said...

awesome pics Danielle.

Brandyland said...

I love the playground shots!!

Lori Kelso said...

Yep, got that same game here, lol! DS got it along with PS3 and a gaming chair. He's in heaven! Love all the photos, especially the one's of Kennedy in the park!