Busy Week!!!!

You would think that me being off work would give me TONS more time to post to my blog....but it sure hasn't felt that way!!!!

I still need to upload the rest of our photos from Myrtle Beach! But here are two more. We went to a cool private zoo. You could feed essentially ANY animal but the lions and tigers! So of course Kennedy, the animal lover, wanted to feed them all! This was the second day of our trip and it was a tad cool...hence the spring jacket she has on. But the weather was perfect for walking around viewing animals! You can see she is feeding a deer through the fence on the first shot, and a zebra on the second shot! She is a brave girl!

Well, Jeff and I headed to Branson for a few days to get some R&R just the two of us! It was nice to just be able to chill by the pool, wander through some shops and watch a movie! We needed that time!

Kennedy's last dance class was this week! It was a riot to be able to watch her finally! Normally the parents wait outside of the classroom and take turns peeking through the little window in the door!!! Kennedy has such fun while she is there, but part of the time she is really in her own little world! She would try to catch glimpses of herself in the mirror (we parents were blocking the mirror!). Her favorite move is to put her hands on her hips and shake her hips!! She often did that while she was supposed to be tapping!!!

Little Ballerina!!!!

Trying to spy herself in the mirror!!!!

Doing a train!! She is right behind her lead teacher, Miss Jaime!

Free Dance!!!!
Ok, I have TONS of photos to share over the next weeks! And I know I will catch more this weekend as Kenna will be a flower girl in my cousin Sydney's wedding!!!
AND, I have been to two crops in the last 3 weeks so I will have layouts to share!!!
Hope you all are doing well!!!! Enjoy the Spring weather and the weekend!


Julie said...

Love the pics of Miss Kennedy Danielle. She sure has grown up.

Danielle said...

Love the photos!!! She is so adorable!!

kristy.lynn said...

sounds like you guys had some fun!
you certainly deserve it!
can't wait to see what ya got goin on! :)

Shannadl said...

Hey Danielle...I love the pics from dance class. Kennedy is so cute and I love to see the pics. Hope life is good your way and I keep checking back to see what kind of scrappin' you've been doing!

janet said...

Great dance pictures! She is so pretty!

Charley Madden said...

cutest little dancer evah!!!