Boy do we keep busy around here!!!! These are just a few photos of what we have been doing the last few weeks!
A trip to Deanna Rose Children's Farm with my mom's group! Kenna loves all animals - and feeding them is her favorite part!

Swimming! Lots and lots of it!
Blowing bubbles on the deck! We love to take bubble breaks!
Hitting the stores...lots of grocery shopping. I feel like we are always grocery shopping! But she is a great helper! (and driver!)
And this last set of photos are priceles! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that Kennedy loves animals. ALL animals! And bugs are no exception! She loves to catch them, let them crawl on her, keep them in containers, watch them! This day we played with tons of worms for a long time! She wanted me to take her photo with EACH worm! Too funny!

Hope you all have a fun, fabulous and safe July 4th!!!!!!!


Julie said...

So love the photos Danielle.

erin said...

what wonderful photos, and a very adventurous girl! have a great 4th!

Kim Ryden said...

Ewww...worms...I see a cute layout coming from those really cute pics! I love those worm pics!

Hey...I've been meaning to ask you, how is your Life Group going?

AbbieTorroll said...

You guys look like you have SO much fun together!! Great pics!! She is such a cutie!