I want to hold Baby Sammy

The conversation that this photo produced tonight.

Tonight Kennedy pointed at a framed photo of Sammy, Jeff and I from the hospital and she thought it was a photo of herself. So I told her it was Sam. Here is how the conversation went:

Kennedy: Where is Baby Sammy right now?

Me: Remember sweetie? He is in Heaven with Jesus.

K: What is he doing there?

M: He is probably playing with Jesus and Kayleen's baby.

K: Where is Heaven?

M: It is really far away.

K: Can you drive a car there?

M: Nope. It is too far to drive a car.

K: Can the airplane go there?

M: Not even an airplane will take us there. The only way we can get to Heaven is for God to bring us there.

K: But where is God right now?

M: He is in Heaven, too, with Baby Sammy and Jesus.

K: I want to look at pictures of me baby. When I was borned.

So we hop on the computer to look up photos of her when she was born. She is ooing and asking lots of questions like "Why am I crying? What is on my head? What is the doctor doing?" The photo of her below really got her thinking!!!!There is one photo of me sitting in the hospital bed holding her and this is our conversation.

K: I want you to do that again?

M: Do what? Have a baby again?

K: Yeah, in the hospital too.

M: You want mommy to have another baby?

K: Yeah. And I want to hold Baby Sammy like that.

M: Yeah. I want to hold Baby Sammy too.

July 4th will be Samuel's 4 month birthday. Love you little guy.


erin said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. i had no idea, and just read through some of your archives. your son is dancing with our babies we lost with Jesus now.
so so sorry for your loss.
erin yamabe

Danielle said...

What a beautiful photo of you holding baby sammy. What a sweet, sweet angel. Such a sweet conversation you had with Kennedy! They are so full of wonder. It is amazing. I am praying for you today.

Renee Lamb said...

Oh Danielle, your post is so heart wrenching and beautiful. You are such an amazing lady and everyday I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Those conversations with Kennedy will always be a great treasure. I love the photos. Big hugs!!

Nicole said...

I love that you wrote down this conversation between you and your DD. What a great way to remember little Sammy with your daughter.

Debbi said...

I ran across your blog and read about Kennedy and Baby Sammy. We have lost 3 babies in our immediate family to Jesus....and I'm sure they are playing with Baby Sammy right now. One of our babies went to heaven on the date July 4th. Our prayers are with you. You never forget. God Bless you and your family

Michelle said...

Danielle...what a precious conversation you had with Kennedy. They can be so so sweet. Hugs for you this 4th of july...your strength amazes me.

Take care...

Michelle Lanning said...

Big ((hugs)) Danielle what a strong momma you are - giving Kenna such truly precious answers ---love ya!

Kim Ryden said...


I Love Ya. Big Hugs. I admire you so much because of the Mother that you are. I hope that some day I can be just as great of a mother as you are!

Kim :)

P.S. It was so good to see you on Friday night.

Michelle Filo said...

so sorry for your loss :( what a beautiful post! I replied to your e-mail on TwoPeas.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Oh Danielle. So many hugs for you my friend.

TheShermanFam said...

(((BIG HUGS)))
What a totally precious conversation you had...I pray that she helps heal your heart each day.
Thanks for sharing your heart, your life.