We got some snow over the weekend and Kennedy had a blast! She loves to yell "Snow!" and wants to go "ahside" (outside) all the time! Saturday night we took her into the backyard to sled! We placed her in a sturdy laundry basket and pushed her down the small hill. She LOVED it!!! Too bad it was too dark for photos! But Sunday we all went out and built a snowman! Daddy threw snow balls at Kennedy and she thought it was sooo funny!!!

As for scrapping news, I am EXTREMELY THRILLED to be joining the teaching staff and Kansas City's BEST scrapbook store, The Scrapbook Page!!! I will start teaching in April and I am SOOOOO excited! Stop by and take a class or two!!!!

This is a layout I did for I am a Scrapaholic. It is Kennedy and her cousing Makenna in the back. I normally would not choose these 2 colors together, but I like how it turned out! And I love the technique of twirling my patterned paper to make curls!!!


Kelly said...

Love the dimension of your layout! Looks like you guys had fun playing in the snow- wish we would get some already ;)

Julie said...

Awesome pics Danielle. Can't wait to see them scrapped.

Loved the page too.

creasa said...

Congrats on your teaching gig! I'm sure you will love it!!