Trip to Iowa and a Big Girl Bed!

So much has happened since the last time I posted!!! I will try to keep it brief!!!

Jeff went to Vegas with the boys! Had a great time! While he was gone we celebrated Kate's birthday and Kennedy decided she could climb out of her crib. Sneaky little thing!
Happy Birthday Kate!

Kennedy and I went to Iowa to visit the family and had a fun, but short, trip. We had planned to go sledding on Saturday but being from Kansas City, Kennedy didn't have the correct attire! So we shopped for snow pants and a snow appropriate jacket. Grandma said her fur coat just wouldn't do! ;) And while we were out shopping we picked up a play kitchen for Kennedy - just for good measure! We finally get what we need and get all bundled up to sled. Even Ryan and Lindsay come! We step out of the car and onto the hill and realize IT IS FREAKING FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!! As in burn your skin freezing! So Kennedy went down the hill twice and we left! But we still had great fun indoors the rest of the weekend! Kennedy even had breakfast in bed with Grandpa Randy on Sunday!

When we got home Sunday afteroon, we converted the crib to a toddler bed. I didn't want to take any more chances with our little dare devil!! Kennedy grabbed some tools and "helped!" She was quite intrigued with the new bed and figured out how to get out immediately!
Fix It Girl!
The first night in the big girl bed went fairly well. I laid on the floor next to her until she fell asleep. She got up at 2am and came into mom and dad's room. So we tried going back to bed. I laid down next to the bed until I thought she was asleep. No luck! So I picked her up and placed her back in bed. She hopped right back out! So we went thru that 4 more times! Finally at 3am she asked for milk, I got it, and she stayed in bed until Daddy woke her up this morning!

This afternoon she ran upstairs to "play" in her bed! She put her baby to bed many times and "practiced" going nite nite! She is quite proud of her big girl bed! :)
Just playing!

I got some quick scrapping done in Iowa - but you only get a peek! At least until it is featured at KitPeas!


Julie said...

Sweet pics D. Glad that you had a greatt ime away even if it was too cold.

Love the sneek peek.

Kelly said...

Love all the pics! That is so funny about the sledding twice down the hill, lol- and that pic of Kennedy and grandpa in bed?!?! PRICELESS!!!

MichelleLanning said...

She is such a big girl now -- glad she is doing well with her big girl bed!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Loved your layout in Scrapbook Dimensions premiere!!!! Congrats hon. :)

just me said...

ohhh the toddler bed saga... we switched to the "big boy" bed about 3 wks ago... good and bad things... the worst... HE GETS UP AT 7AM ON THE WEEKENDS NOW!!!!!!! (there goes what little time i had!)

Michelle said...

I can not believe that you came to Iowa and did not give me a call!!! LOL! You should have been sledding today....very nice out!! Pic of bfast in bed is just priceless!